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Laura (0) - 07/22 Pray

My husband left me for another man and we are divorced as of October last year. I have been a stay at home mom for our two boys (ages 13 and 15 now) and am homeschooling them. Will you please pray for me to find a good job so I can be able to stay at home and homeschool my kids? Maybe something I can do online or am able to bring my kids with me to a job? I appreciate it a LOT! God bless, Laura

Michelle (0) - 07/22 Pray

Laid off 6 months ago...and still nothing... My confidence has been shaken... trying to be more positive, but I'm struggling.

Victoria (0) - 07/22 Pray

Recently layed off from my job, for no particular reason. Disappointed because I know I did not deserve that. Not understanding why God continues to take away great opportunities that come my way. Needing finances to pay off car, and applications to school. GRE is $205 Applications are $400.

DEANDRIA (1) - 07/21 Pray

I need financial prayer that I will find new employment. Financially I'm struggling to make it I was laid off from a good paying job in 2015 and I'm currently about to loose everything staying stressed trying to same home and take care of my family...

Nathan (0) - 07/21 Pray

Please pray for a financial break through. That God will provide a way to cover hotel payment for my wife and daughters and I

liset (0) - 07/20 Pray


Rich (1) - 07/20 Pray

Please pray for Ambrose as he may find his way through his serving

Denise (3) - 07/20 Pray

Please pray for me a financial breakthrough and a new job.My heart is weighing heavily with hurt struggling to survive everyday.I feel like I being mistreated at my job and trying to understand what i am working for my check is gone every week not knowing if i will have gas money for work.I dont know how im gonna get my kids school clothes and shoes.im just tried of crying.

Nicholas (2) - 07/19 Pray

My name is Nicholas Hill and I have been attending Willow for some years. The prayer I have is for a women I met today named Diane, who is desperately searching for a job, spending a lot of time doing so at the library while also struggling with a son at home who experiences Schizophrenic thinking and behaviors. I know I don't have all the answers, but she really opened up to me and I feel like asking for prayer and possibly guidance about maybe an upcoming job fair that Willow is hosting or other similar resources. Thank you much!!

Cristy Medearis (2) - 07/19 Pray

I am needing a job. I was working as a recruiter and got laid off. Please pray God opens the right opportunity.

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