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Catrice (0) - 02/15

Does anyone KNOW of a contact at FORERUNNER MENTORING PROGRAM? Still searching for work and based on my sales numbers, my time is running out in my current position at Macys. Striving to keep my eyes focused on God during my challenging time at Macys and yet still looking for work that would be a great fit for me based on my passions, strengths, and work experience.

Clint (1) - 02/15

I am a recent college grad with some slight success in the music industry. Money that comes from that side of the business isn't as consistent as it could be, so I'm out in the metro Atlanta area looking for part time jobs to pay the bills and take care of student loans. Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to search for new opportunities in Atlanta!

Kim (1) - 02/12

I am in a new place in my life as a single 52 year old woman. I moved here to ne closer to my kidd. I need to push through my fears and meet new friends and get involved in a church. I also need a job. Thank you

Lynne Fetsko (1) - 02/12

Finally Im employeed! Ty all for your prayers and words of encouragement. Although all interviews I've had in the past came from this website and not from indeed, I found this 1 from knowing somebody in a company. Has many friends told me it's not what you know it's who you know so continue networking and never give up.


His time is perfect and so will be the job your waiting for.


Psalm 32:8

Do not be afraid or discouraged.

He will personally go before you, he is with you.

He will never leave you or abandon you.



Paul (0) - 02/12

Please pray for me, I lost my job over two weeks ago, I started the job six months ago knowing the other jobs contract would not be extended, The job I took was not a good fit and now I need to find a job that will be a good fit for my skills.

Bill (0) - 02/10

Please pray for God to reveal his plan for my life to me.

Bill (2) - 02/10

Please pray for me Im having trouble on my job due to performance issues. Please pray the Lord provide by helping me improve my skills and finding more suitable employment.

Doris (1) - 02/09

Please pray for a tenant I can entrust to rent my home in Colorado and that I find a suitable job that fits my skills, physical abilities and talents.

Doris (0) - 02/09

Pray for a tentant to rent my home in Colorado, and for a job suitable for my talents and ability to come my way.

Vicki (3) - 02/08

That God direct my life in the direct He wants for my next job opportunity. I pray for health and wellness as I stay positive along this journey.

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