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Hayden (0) - prayer 01/23 Pray

I would just love for prayer against depression in this time of joblessness. I am usually a very outgoing and upbeat positive person who loves to lift others up. During this time, however, I've honestly been hard to be around, mean, short, self-centered, dark, dreary, etc. I would love prayer for this, to be myself again.

Tawanda (0) - prayer 01/23 Pray

I still have my job, and I'm thankful for it, but I need prayer for the next step in my life. . .feeling depressed.

Anon (0) - prayer 01/23 Pray

Struggling with confidence in my job search.

Bob (0) - prayer 01/23 Pray

I was let go from my job last November 16. I contacted the Job connection for prayer, and last week I accepted a job!


Praise God! Our Jehovah Jireh in indeed our provider!


Thanks for your prayers everyone!


Andrew (0) - prayer 01/23 Pray

Please pray for me. I just relocated to the Charlotte area and am seeking employment. Pray that I can stay fearless and keep on applying until I have something.

Laura (0) - prayer 01/23 Pray

Following close of business, I am currently receiving Social Security only. Pray for provision to relocate near family and train for Christian Life Coaching for families supporting recovering alcoholics/addicts

jennifer (0) - prayer 01/23 Pray

hi! I currently am on an administrative support contract that will end on Jan 31. It has been almost 3 years of a contract project. Would love a full time -- not contract position... which pays at least $30k year. Praying God's direction on jobs I apply to. and that I have next job acquired ASAP. Please pray!.... (would love to work for Watermark too... have applied too! but, I know lots of us do! lol)

M.E. (2) - prayer 01/23 Pray

Pray for my husband Jorge. Hes feeling the burden of being unemployed for several years. My husband doesnt cry but did yesterday. Yesterday he hit a very low point where he felt he has failed as a husband and father. Please pray for God to lift his spirits and help him know the Lord is un controll. For God to give him peace. We are going through a very difficult urgent moment with our home. Please pray for our home to stay with us.

G.Prasadarao (1) - prayer 01/23 Pray

The word of GOD speak to me that pray for "suffering souls" so We are praying for daily bread and medicines to poor and needy people ( sick ,Aged, beggars)

Maricela (2) - prayer 01/22 Pray

My husband and I decided it would be best for me to be a stay home mom when I had my daughter. It's been really tough and stressful for my husband trying to support all 3 on his own. Now that my daughter is ready to start preschool I want to be able to find a job where I can help my husband. and grow stronger as a family. please pray for me.

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