The Prayer Network is comprised of churches, colleges, and non-profits that utilize the Job Connection ministry tool. Prayers are collected together in one location and job seekers can pray for each other quickly and easily all over the US.

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Omequa (0) - prayer 10/25 Pray

Ive had a fe

Donna (0) - prayer 10/25 Pray

Looking for either a part time home job to supplement my income and a total career change. I need more income and want to also use my God given talents and abilities. Need Sidon and direction. Thanks

Linda (1) - prayer 10/25 Pray

Need a job i have not worked over a job due to medical reason please pray for me.

Vicki (1) - prayer 10/24 Pray

open doors for my career/business

Loya (1) - prayer 10/24 Pray

Need a new job and grace on my current one. Trying to trust God but things are really rough right now. Thanks.

Patrick (1) - prayer 10/24 Pray

Need $2300.00 to save my home so that I can have a place to live and find stable and financially gainful employment.

Peg (1) - prayer 10/24 Pray

Thank you so much! It looks like no jobs are available in my area at this time.

Peg Senese



Robb (1) - prayer 10/24 Pray

Thanks to God's grace and much prayer from our brothers and sisters, our marriage is being restored.

Kathleen (1) - prayer 10/24 Pray

Please pray for renewed strength and courage searching for a job in a crowded market

Martha (1) - prayer 10/23 Pray

Pray that I will trust God that he does have a plan and that I will be diligent this week in spending the required time to complete the work I need to in regard to job search, personal development and trust the results to the Lord!

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