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Grace (0) - 01/17 Pray

Praying for a job that understand my needs for an EOS animal, it has become extremely difficult to find a full time job. I am an incredibly hard worker. Praying for the right full time job from God soon, the job I work for now I feel deals only in deception.

Roderick (0) - 01/17 Pray

I pray that GOD will bless me with a job soon. I won't waiver, but I am starting to be concerned. God I know you have promised in Your Word to supply all our needs. Amen!

Kevin (4) - 01/16 Pray

Dear Lord God

I come to you today through these prayers. I ask for your intervention in my job search and my finances. I have carried heavy debt to support two families. I took a job for 18 months and now I have no source of income. It has affected my relationships with my family, I continue to search daily I need your comfort and your intervention to provide for these two families and to improve the relationships with my family members.


Greg (4) - 01/15 Pray

God will grant me a full time job that is blessed and meets my needs. Amen

Stacy (6) - 01/15 Pray

My husband is having a very hard time getting a full time job. He has been working about 16 hours a week for over 2 years now and it is very hard on us. I am blessed that I have a full time job but it would be great if he can get just a full time job. He is so hard on himself and I know it is putting a strain on our marriage.

Elberlene (4) - 01/15 Pray

I need stable employment asap or me and my 6 children will be homeless.

An (1) - 01/12 Pray

Please pray for me and my family. I am seeking full time work. Been laid off for 16 months. We need relief from this stress. Thank you in advance.

Janeva (0) - 01/12 Pray

I am 28 years old. and I am in the process of starting a new business. Please pray for me and that God grants me the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and fearlessness to succeed in this journey. Thank you

John Gregory (2) - 01/12 Pray

I lost my job of 20+ years in August. I am an accountant/CPA. I still have not found a job. I was shocked and my wife and I need healing from this...Please pray that God will supernaturally open a door for me.

TOMMYSULLIVAN (0) - 01/12 Pray



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