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Alexandria (0) - prayer 12/03 Pray

I am a struggling college student with a sick mom. By the grace of God, we have gotten an extension at our home but we still have to move in the next couple months. I am in need of a full time job that I can work while still getting my education. A full time job is the only way I can help my mom with rent for a new home and still be able to afford college.

Angelia (1) - prayer 12/02 Pray

I have currently been unemployed for over a year. I have a Master Degree and have been in nonprofit leadership for over 10 years. I am the single mother of a freshman in college and a 2nd grader. I have not been able to successfully get hired and I cannot manage my household. I am loosing my self-worth and feel like a failure in the eyes of my children. Please pray for me that I will become gainfully employed this month. I refuse to believe that God is going to allow me to start 2017 this way. Thank you. In Jesus Name. Angelia O'Neal

Carl (2) - prayer 12/02 Pray

I am in need of prayers in my job hunt. I'm unemployed because of a stupid alcoholic incident that I lost my last job from. It was embarrassing and I've learned my lesson. The worst part is my family was embarrassed by what I did. I just need a chance and opportunity.

marian (1) - prayer 12/02 Pray

through Care Center

Nico (2) - prayer 12/02 Pray

Lord I asking for pray I'm 600.00 behind on my car note I just started back working they will not wait till I get paid on the 9th of this month to pay it. I asking for grace and mercy in my current situation I know that God has not brought me this far to leave me now this is how I get to work I pray the blood that I can get some help

Karen (1) - prayer 12/02 Pray

My interview process is going VERY slowly. I am a single parent whose resources are quickly diminishing. Please pray for God's wisdom and protection at this time.

Shelly (1) - prayer 12/01 Pray

Please pray for me as I feel a pull to go from a FT career to working on my own business. Pray for wisdom that I will do what serves God best, rather than serve my own desires!

Ellen (2) - prayer 12/01 Pray

Please pray for job position I am waiting to hear back on and also waiting to hear about social security benefits I applied for and waiting to see if they have been approved. Thank you and may God bless you, Ellen

Aric (1) - prayer 11/30 Pray

Dear Lord I am very blessed with my current employment. I am looking to advance my career so that I can volunteer more of my time to the ministries.

Michelle (1) - prayer 11/30 Pray

Dear GOD. I thank you for all the blessings in my life. I praise your name. I ask blessings for all in need of your help. I thank you for hearing all of my prayers, and thank you in advance for all the blessings you are about to give each one of us. Give us all your strength, and teach us to help others who are struggling, to trust in you. You are there working in our lives, and you know what we need before we ask. You are awesome. Thank you and GOD bless everyone. Amen

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