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Latest Prayer Requests

Rich (0) - 05/23

That by His Holy Spirit I would be more humble, contrite, and wise in His ways.

ANA (3) - 05/22

I am currently looking for work. I pray that God will open the doors as i am a single ;mother of an 11 year old.

Shannon (3) - 05/22

My boys and I are staying with my sister in Yreka while my husband is living and working in San Diego, trying to save for a home. My sister is going through a nasty divorce in a small town and we are all receiving backlash. Five kids total and both us moms are being ridiculed in more ways than we could ever imagine. We are asking for prayers for safety, peace and guidance.

Phil (4) - 05/21

Please pray for our family, finances and my career change.

Kimberly (6) - 05/20

My husband filed for divorce couple of months ago. He has returned to a life of drinking and drugs. I am devastated over this, and by myself at 56 years old having to re-enter the workforce. I have not worked for 12 years in the marketplace, but rather have been in ministry.Please pray that I hear the Lords direction in finding employment and income, swiftly. Thank you.

Brian (4) - 05/17

Please pray for our Crossroads leadership team as we are on our board retreat. Please pray for God’s revelation.

Louset (4) - 05/16

Financial blessing of $1,000.00. Lord please make a way.

Lesa (2) - 05/16

I pray that god keeps bleesing everyone in orlando especially the familied

Danielle (4) - 05/16

Please pray that i find a good job so that i can support my son and myself.

Angel (2) - 05/16

I’m struggling with balance and anxiety. My current employment role is too stressful and too overwhelming for me.

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