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The Prayer Network is a powerful tool for job seekers to receive prayer as they search for jobs, careers, and God’s calling on their lives. Please join us and click on the Pray button below to pray for a few people today.

Latest Prayer Requests

Nicole (0) - 10/18 Pray

A job that I can use my creative strength and make enough money to support my family. Also, that my family restores their respect for me, and the disrespectful behavior stops.

Inez (0) - 10/18 Pray

Lord I thank you for the opportunity and freedom to pray to you. Thank you for this time to explore new opportunities. I ask for clarity, wisdom, insight and understanding around my purpose. I want so much to please you and know that what I’m doing is pleading to you and making a difference in others. lives. Show me the way forward. Illuminate my path. This I pray in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus. Amen.

Win (0) - 10/18 Pray

A job that I love and helps people - and pays the bills

Janette (0) - 10/18 Pray

I pray that I will find a fulfilling job soon.

jeremy (0) - 10/18 Pray

ive struggled with addiction most of my adult life and Jesus has brought me thru some of the worst times in my life, and I just need prayer that God will use me to help others at all times and to be a walking talking testimony that Jesus is Lord and shed his blood for us all, use me where You want me Father.

Angela (2) - 10/17 Pray

That I continue to trust God during my unemployment and patience as I wait for the job that He is leading me to.

randy (1) - 10/17 Pray

pray the God brings his kingdom soon for all those suffering and in pain earthwide pray also that he save his creation from destruction by men.

Lucinda (4) - 10/17 Pray

I pray that god guides me and my family to a better life and he continues to watch over us letting us know even though its a real struggle everything will be okay as long as we continue to believe in him. Thank you lord.

Jen (1) - 10/17 Pray

Financial Freedom

Freddy (1) - 10/17 Pray

Gods perfect will and leading, not mine.

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