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Tee (1) - 05/29 Pray

I ask for more faith and self-confidence. I have been out of work since I left my abusive marriage in 2015. Its time to start over.

Nancy (1) - 05/28 Pray

I ask for prayer that my sister gets better and my kids get closer to the LORD. and that I get that job at Costco.

Maria (2) - 05/28 Pray

I ask for prayer so I pass my state exam and I'm able to give my children a better life as a single mother . I also ask for prayer so that my child custody and child support result in my favor . The Lord knows I've been the only provider for my 4 girls and desperately need financial assistance to sustain my house hold . Thank you

Bonnie (2) - 05/28 Pray

Please pray for a closer walk with God and the Church; I am shy and uncomfortable in large groups of people. I have hip problems and need a job that allows me to sit and walk around, just standing. I am in my 60's and finding a job has become increasing harder. Please pray for me.

mary (2) - 05/27 Pray

pray that my children get good news on their health

mary (1) - 05/27 Pray

for my children to have good help

Sharon stasha (1) - 05/26 Pray

Iam pleading unto God to help me process my papers so that I could get a job as an airhostess

Kimberly (1) - 05/26 Pray

Hello! I am currently homeless and in need of a new job. I just graduated from grad school a few weeks ago. I am exhausted both physically and spiritually.

Aleyas (2) - 05/26 Pray

I am a job seeker, an unemployed college graduate. I feel like life has been unfair to me, and much effort had been put into my studies at college.I graduated Electrical Engineering from UT. Most of my friends including atheists found a job,sometimes by mere luck. I have Obsessive Compulsion problem, so I feel like I wasted all my youth for nothing. There is not a day without me cursing and shouting at God. This loss of faith makes me wanna seek help in finding pleasure in sinning. I think my life is going off the rails. I still regret the time and effort I spent for studying. Please pray for me.

Eliz (1) - 05/26 Pray

Need prayer for strengh. Our fight to save our home of 12 years just ended. It was foreclosed. Feeling a sense of loss Feeling unhappy and cry daily over this big change. I want to change my job to find something that I can feel less stress make more money and enjoy the job. Praying for God to uplift me.

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