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Sirita (0) - prayer 03/27 Pray

I'm praying for peace for everyone of us while God blows are minds because without faith it impossible so have faith that God is going use all of us for his glory as pastor said to us yesterday. Lord protect us from the enemy. Have a bless night and a bless week. Watch God move. Amen

Carrie (0) - prayer 03/27 Pray

I'm praying that I pass my upcoming tests. Even though Child Care was never the field that I saw myself working in, God has placed me in this position. So, I'm also praying that God helps me to see things from his perspective and stop wanting to rebel. That God grants me the strong desire and drive to study and retain the information that I go over and begin to apply them to my job. More than anything, I've just wanted to get away from my family and Florida and find out who I am and what I'm made of. This I was trying to accomplish by joining the military, because I can't think of much else at this point, currently don't have the money to travel and really want to start acting like an adult. I mean, my goodness, I'm 26, don't have a drivers license or car, no college degree, no friends, and still live with my parents. The good thing is I have a job which, if I pass this test, I can keep and I pay for my own life, health, and dental insurance. I really want friends as well. Good, Godly friends who don't mind the fact that I don't talk much at first or tend to dwell too much on what I don't have/ need instead of what I do have. I've been going to Celebration for almost a year now and I find it surprising that I've yet to make any friends. I've come a long way from where I've been and I just want some one or some people to help me not go back down that path again. I also want to get married but I'm not 100% sure I'm ready yet. None the less please pray for me in that area as well. I kinda feel like I'm rambling now, so pray that God helps me in all areas and aspects of my life. I don't know what His plans are for me, but He does so I want him to help me trust him more. Thank you

Jamie (0) - prayer 03/27 Pray

I'm trying not to get invected plus I've been going through my divorce for almost 5 years now and court is next month I lost my job and I am in desperate need of finding pretty much anything for now so if you have anything please contact me thank you

Michael (0) - prayer 03/27 Pray

need full time job

Viola (0) - prayer 03/27 Pray

My husband needs a full-time job, and I need one in my field. My mother has been in a coma for going on 2 months now, after complications with brain surgery. There is no reason the doctors can find why she is not waking up. 2 months ago, she was perfectly healthy, aside from the brain aneurysm. We have other family needs. Thank you.

Doris (0) - prayer 03/27 Pray

The right fit role leveraging my skills, knowledge, abilities, gifting and passions.

Jennifer (0) - prayer 03/27 Pray

I'm asking for prayer for an increase in hours to full-time until I am able to find a better job. I've been part-time since my contact ended in November and unable to pay bills and provide sufficient meals for my daughter and myself.

Alan (3) - prayer 03/26 Pray

I've been unemployed for six months, rent and bills are pass due, please pray God makes provision.

Maria G. (1) - prayer 03/26 Pray

I need to find de perfect job for God Eyes for me

Linda (2) - prayer 03/26 Pray

I have been looking for work since December. I ask for prayers that I will clearly see where the Lord is directing me.

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