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Claudia (3) - 09/14 Pray

I am desperately in need of a job. I have never been in this situation before. I am qualified for certain positions but keep getting rejected. My creditors are constantly calling because I cannot pay them at all. I have no family in IL except my son who just left for college and he keeps calling for things. I cannot tell him my situation,I'm too ashamed because I'm letting my him down. The univesity will be mailing the next payment soon and I'm really scared for my son... HELP!!!! I need a JOB. I have no money and I'm scared.

S (1) - 09/14 Pray

I have to sell my house FAST. There are a couple of offers on it, but nothing solid. Please pray things move quickly. Thanks.

Erica (1) - 09/13 Pray

I currently don't have stable employment and in the process of losing everything. I know God is in control and I thank him in advance for the open doors and favor. Please pray that I keep a positive mindset and that my next steps are guided. Thank you all in advance for your prayers.

Laurie (1) - 09/13 Pray

Please pray that God will direct me in the right direction for a job. I have been out of work for over a year now and my resources are causing me to be low on cash. I know God will help me He has provided for me before.

Ruben (1) - 09/13 Pray

God im gratefull for all your blessings, please continue to guide me and walk side by side with me, keep my eyes and ears open, and use me as a water shed for your glory. In your name i pray, amen.

E (1) - 09/13 Pray

Please pray for me.I recently got laid off from full time to part time from a job of 10yrs working with children. I am 33yrs old with 2 kids. Thank You!

S (1) - 09/13 Pray

I can't respond personally to all the nice people who sent emails of encouragement. So, thank you, one and all, for your uplifting words of comfort.

Lara (1) - 09/12 Pray

Please pray that I get a job that I applied to. Thank you!

Helen (1) - 09/12 Pray

Please pray for me. I recently lost my job. I need a job and housing.

Tami (1) - 09/12 Pray

Please pray for a job for my 26 year old son with 3 young boys and no more unemployment.



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