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Juanita (4) - 11/11 Pray

Daily I pray that God blesses me with a job that he wants me to have, to be a light.I have a desire to be the helpmate that I was intended to be and blessings to other besides my family.

Tavara (6) - 11/10 Pray

I just pray that God will save and heal my family, mend the realtionships that have been broken, and I personally pray that God will bless me with a job and increase my finances.

westly (4) - 11/10 Pray

my prayer is that god brings me a good woman that dont cheat loyal and true and that loves me for me and one day we can get married under his blue sky and on his green earth. thank you & god bless



Letitia A. Thurmond (3) - 11/10 Pray

My prayer is that god shows uncondictional favor on me and touches the hearts in the human resource department@ H.R.D.I.My previous employer. and that my lawsuit is released to me this year and that the enemy is bound and destroyedand that peace be still in my family members and that the lord wraps a sheild of armor over my friends and family. as well as peace in the nations in the nursing homes the hospitals and the jail and prisons. I need you to touch and agree with me on the request. Thank you and may God bless you!

Clarence (3) - 11/10 Pray

I've been blessed with a full-time job at the Rivers Casino after several months of searching. I'm still in a semi-homeless situation, with a temporary stay at a friends......please pray that I find housing soon so that I don't jeopardize my friends lease .....Thank you, God Bless, Clarence J. Mason (Choir Member)

WESTLY (1) - 11/10 Pray

my prayer is that god brings me someone to love and that loves me for me and one day we can get married under his blue sky and on his green earth. thank you & god bless

Aaron (4) - 11/10 Pray

I have been unemployed for 11 months. I need help to just get by.

Full time employment is my goal. I know it will be only possible through my Heavenly Father. Our prayers and my absolute Faith!


My skill set is: Sales, Marketing,& Social Marketing.


I will feel blessed to have any work at this time.


God Bless You.

Please help.

WESTLY (0) - 11/10 Pray


LaKisha (4) - 11/10 Pray

Single Parent looking for full time work, no health insurance for my children or myself. just Praying for god's provisions and guidance for work.

Mom (3) - 11/10 Pray

I am in need of a financial breakthrough. I am a single mom of two and finances are tight I am in need of prayer and agreement with others that agree God will provide for me exceedingly abundantly!

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