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Phillip (0) - 06/25 Pray

that I find employment

Julie (0) - 06/24 Pray

I, prayed on quitting my job.. and I did almost 2 months ago. Since,the Lord has taken care of me. I, know my calling. I,do really need a job badly. I,put all worries in him. I'm facing having my gas service turned off... it was scheduled to be off a few weeks ago.I know every blessing was God sent.

Grace (0) - 06/24 Pray

Please pray a prayer agreement concerning employment opportunities and relocation back to Houston

Stephanie (0) - 06/24 Pray

Im in need of a job and a place to stay!But its been hard when one is really not hiring or they just don't work with your schedule, keep me and my family in prayer,and strength in the lord!

Ann (0) - 06/24 Pray

I pray to locate full time employment to have a "normal" work schedule restablished in my life. I also ask to pray for my boyfriend to find employment to use his talents.

Collin (0) - 06/24 Pray

I also want to thank God for Mr. Carpenter. The thought and jesture was really appreciated. May God continue to bless you richly.

Collin (0) - 06/24 Pray

I want to thank and praise God for everyone here. God hears us and knows what we ask for and need. We need to thank him for it even though we dont have it yet. But he will show up and give us what we need. Its not always when we want it but in his time. Just keep believing and thank him everyday for the employment we need. Im thanking God for my new job and the new jobs for everyone here. I claim it in Jesus name. Amen. God bless you all! Collin, Chula Vista, CA

Lynn (0) - 06/24 Pray

I need work so we don't lose our condo and can eat without public assistance.

Leatrice (0) - 06/24 Pray

I need a permenant job today with benefits and close to home.

Enoch (0) - 06/24 Pray

i praise God who called me to do His work helped me to be at the gates of reslife church for the feces of my kings to do His work....... thank God i finished 3 yrs

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