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The Prayer Network is a powerful tool for job seekers to receive prayer as they search for jobs, careers, and God’s calling on their lives. Please join us and click on the Pray button below to pray for a few people today.

Latest Prayer Requests

Philean (0) - 02/28 Pray

Please pray for me so that I may find a job to help support my family. Thank you

Jennifer (0) - 02/27 Pray

Single mother with 2 kids, about to loose our living. lost my job and need to support my children yet loosing hope please help me find the right path again.

gigi (0) - 02/27 Pray

Please pray for my success in obtaining a full time/or PT job.

Joni (0) - 02/27 Pray

I need prayer for God to direct me in his direction for the right job and for my boyfriend to keep working, and protect my kids from harm and keep them in sobriety...

Amy (0) - 02/25 Pray

Just like everybody else in this wonderful economy. We need help with Financial issues.

KJ (0) - 02/25 Pray

Pray for redemption of my former Principal who dismissed me in an unfair and unjust way. Please pray for her, thank you.

Gale (0) - 02/25 Pray

I just lost my reception job at the elementary school. My husband is out of work. He is also a teacher. We are in our early 50's. Please pray for God's provision and will for our lives.

Janice (0) - 02/25 Pray

I have been out of work 2 yrs, my unemployment benefits have run out, I am 57, divorced and on food stamps, I am months behind on my bills and very depressed. Please pray, I need help.

Thank and God Bless.

Debby (0) - 02/24 Pray

I am in dire need of a job. I started going back to school so I could get myself off of unemployment and now the government is not going to let me collect. I don't know what to do. Please Help!!!

Donna (0) - 02/24 Pray

I have tried for three years to get a job my son is near foreclosure and my nephew just lost his house.Thank you for your prayers

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