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Bessy (0) - 05/06 Pray

Just Give God thanks for absolutly everything!!!!! when in doubt smile and trust in him!!!!

Roman (0) - 05/06 Pray

Pray that Lord opens the door for where he wants me and that I see it. Let it be wide open so I dont miss it. Eyes and ears so I dont miss it.

Jim (0) - 05/06 Pray

I resigned from a print journalism position after only three weeks because of dysfunctional environment. I have been searching for six weeks to find another. Please pray that God opens a door.

Migel (0) - 05/06 Pray

pray tha a job opening opens up for me this month with a good salary.

Bessy (0) - 05/05 Pray

Give God thanks for bringing me the peace and faith and be able to depend on him to bless me with a job

Glenn (0) - 05/05 Pray

Hopeing that God will lead me in finding a job.

Mr Bellamy (0) - 05/05 Pray

I have been out work as of 08/2009 please pray that I started a New Job making 75K plus yearly base, and this will be the best job I every had and that I will be base out of Tampa Fl

Elizabeth (0) - 05/04 Pray

Please pray I find a full time job so i can afford to get my own place so i can continue my journey. Right now i'm in limbo.....

Justin (0) - 05/04 Pray

Pray that I have a full-time permanent position either downtown or closer to home and that it won't interfere with church services.

Denise (0) - 05/04 Pray

Please pray:

1.I find full time work that pays enough to support me and my five year old daughter.

2.Pray for me and my daughter to obtain a safe home of our own because we are homeless.

3.Pray that the Lord God Bless me and my daughter in all areas of our life that the Lord God keep us safe and provide us strength and people to help us when we need help.

4.Pray that the Lord God Bless me with being a good parent and roll model to my daughter and for me to keep my faith in the Lord God. I ask these things in Jesus Christ name Amen. Thank you ever so much for your prays.

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