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Kevin (2) - 09/02

P L E A S E pray I would find a job that affords me an opportunity to glorify God. I'm concerned about the probability of working for a entity (IF I can even find something), whose morals and will are misaligned from His. Thank you and blessings to all who take the time to read this.

Greg (1) - 09/02

Father I pray that as i am about to marry my lady of 12 years and two children, i pray for a new transition of work, life and worship....that you continue to be glorified in all my efforts, words, wisdom, and encounters with others. I pray that you keep us completly center in you and that the seed thats been planted in my wife continue to grow by you watering it. I ask in the name of jesus that you have your way in our marraige, failures, success, happiness and ambitions moving forward. Thank you God for your mercy and grace. IJNA.

Walt (3) - 09/02

Please pray for me and my family that I may find a job where God will use me as he would want me to be. Thank-you.

Alvin (3) - 09/01

Please pray for God to blessed me with a job that I can be used by God. To bless my wife and 5 children that are going through this job search with me for the past 2 years of unemployment. That God will bless my finances to handle our bills. May God bless each and everyone that reads this prayer. Love you all, Min. Alvin Jacobs

Leslie (3) - 09/01

Please pray God brings to me the job He has for me. Also please pray for my husband, Mike. He walked out of our marriage 3 years ago and filed for divorce March 2011. I know he's living in Central California but has nothing to do with his family (mom, dad, brother & sisters) that live in the area. I haven't seen him or spoken with him since Dec 4, 2010.

Maria (1) - 09/01

Please pray for me to find the right job that will utilize my skills and be able to help my family financially.

Patty (1) - 09/01

Please pray that I find a job soon so we don't start falling behind on our bills, and that my marriage can survive this hardship we are going through.

Carole (1) - 09/01

Please pray for God to bring me the job he has waiting for me soon.

Ariane (1) - 08/31

Please pray for a job to fit my needs and God's will shows up soon.

Gary (2) - 08/31

I want to find an honest, ethical Christian to work with in the life/annuity/

trust area of insurance.

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