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Collin (0) - 06/07 Pray

I was reading some of the previous prayer request and I just wanted to tell everyone to stay prayerful and to believe that God is working in our lives, claim what you pray for in the name of Jesus. I am also claiming victory for us all. God knows we are struggling and he hears our prayers. So dont lose faith our break thru is around the corner. I speak prosperity into our lives in Jesus name. Now when we get these great jobs God has for us, I want to look on here and see that we give God thanks and praise.

Collin (0) - 06/07 Pray

Have been searching and searching with no success, please stay in prayer and agreement that we all are blessed by God with employment.

Paulette (0) - 06/07 Pray

Laid off by United Airlines...pray that a permanent job comes along. I have a mortgage and a young child.

Shirley (0) - 06/06 Pray

Please pray that I will receive job offers this week. Thank you.

tonia (0) - 06/06 Pray

For our family, my husband has been in and out of work for over a year. We are struggling to keep our heads above water as I am the only one in the house working. Praise to the Lord that has carried us so far in this season, we know it is ALL in His time,and it is His, not our, WILL that will be done!!

Dyland (0) - 06/06 Pray

I received the following message on Saturday after my car was broken into and my purse was stolen: "May Jesus vindicate you by clearing your name, rebuilding your career, and protecting you from things seen and unseen. His help is on the way!" I am not sure who sent this message, but I cling to its content. It was after spending time crying out to God that this message came across. I have been going through so many difficult things and you do get to a place where you wonder if God is paying attention and your whole outlook and faith is shaken. I too am continuing to look for work amongst this storm. Whoever sent this message, THANK YOU! It was encouraging and such perfect timing.

Lynn (0) - 06/06 Pray

6/6/11 Please pray that I will be blessed with a job to meet my financial obligations and be independent again. Been unemployed for 1.5 yrs now. Very stressful life at this time for me and my family. Praise him for all he has brought me through. Amen

deborah (0) - 06/06 Pray

i have no job,i am looking,going to lose my car,so many storms to go thru,i need help to pray,the devil keeps coming after me,i am a good person and i am back in church


val (0) - 06/06 Pray

I have been unemployed for about a year and half. I have had contract jobs in between. I feel like I am at the end of my rope. I want to believe god will provide, It is said when one door closes another opens but it has been so long for me. Thanks in advance for your prayers

Roy (0) - 06/06 Pray

I have been out of work for 18 months. Please prayer that God will deliver me out of this wilderness and let me be the provider for my wife and daughters again.

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