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Sarah (1) - 08/11

Praying for a job in the area of adoption/foster care social services. I hope to help youth. I recently graduated and got married, I am praying God to lead me to whatever He has for me.

Tara (1) - 08/11

Please pray for my mother. She is having to start over and really struggling to find a job.

Elizabeth (1) - 08/11

I am looking for a job to get money to pay off my student loans but also to be able to help my mother who is suffering from breast cancer. Please pray for me and for her during this difficult time.

Elizabeth (0) - 08/10

Requesting prayer for a job in which I can be of service to God. Praying for a teaching or working in education. Mentoring or Tutoring. Thank you. God bless everyone.

Gilbert (2) - 08/10

God grant me patience and wisdom and your guidance during this transition in my life. Thank you all.

S (3) - 08/10

I'm praying for all y'all.


It's frustrating. Employers keep telling the same story - I'm over qualified. I've 'toned down' my resume with the help of a career counselor & they still say it. They love me & are impressed in interviews, but hire someone else. I try to come across as down-to-earth. Still 'over qualified.'

Naomi (1) - 08/10

I am now working. Please remove my name from your list. Thank you for this ministry. I will continue to pray for those who need jobs. Blessings.

luisa (0) - 08/09

pray for our business that is just taking off, things are extremely tight, do not have enough monthly to pay bills. I am placing this in Jesus hands, in Jesus name, Amen.

Jesus is the answer! (1) - 08/09

Jesus, our Father who art in heaven. Your children are asking for jobs to provide for their families or to meet their needs. I know I asked you to open the eyes of my heart but Lord-their cries for help is too much for my heart to bear. I can't even imagine what you bore or bear for us. Jesus I pray for all your children on this website and every where- that you will show them favor, mercy, and grace. Increase our wisdom and faith in you Lord that we may give you the glory and praise you deserve! You are an awesome God and Father who meets all your children's needs. Lord, teach us to trust in you. With you nothing is impossible, teach us your ways that we may obey your word. Forgive us our ignorance or unbelief; don't let your people perish for lack of knowledge. When we are weak you are strong, Lord I ask that you let your anointed see your hand move in our lives. Let us know that You are working on our behalf even when we don't see it. Lord help us to lean on you and not our own understanding. Lord you are all knowing, you search the heart and our inmost beings- you know our needs and who we are better than we know ourselves. Jesus speak to your children, guide us in and toward your word. I ask for mercy Lord for all your children- bring us closer to you so we may taste your goodness and faithulness. Lord, I know you want us to have life and have it abundantly! You said if the evil ones know how to give good gifts to their children how much more would our loving Father give us good gifts. Lord, teach us all to seek first your kingdom (not our needs) and trust in You-then these things will be given unto us. Lord, you didn't give us a spirit of fear. You gve us your Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth to guide us. Jesus, help us to know who we are in you. Have your way in our lives and let Your will be done not ours. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almight, who was , and is, and is to come! I give you praise, glory, honor, and I worship you Lord. I worship you for who you are!whether I get a job or not. I know you'll never leave me and you'll meet my needs because you're faithful. I thank you for your provisions and your harvests! In Jesus name I thank you for listening to me and answering me when I call. Amen..Praise Him all his people! Praise and give glory to His name!Worthy is the lamb that was slain, Jesus became sin who knew no sin and died for us on the cross! He is our savior! Trust in Him and He will keep you. Praise him in the valley because He is worthy to be praised!Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.

Dalia (0) - 08/09

Praise God with us for his mercy,his grace, his favor, and for setting us free from the oppression and persecution of the hypocrits!Praise God for increasing our wisdom and faith to stand firm and claim our victory! Praise be to God alone who is worthy of more than anything we can give! Dalia and Matthew

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