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Nadya (3) - 10/09

Please pray for God to lead us in the right path so he can provide for us. My husband has been unemployed for over 2 years and finally he found a job to start in January. I work part-time and I am currently looking for an evening part time job. Please pray for my husband to see the urgency in bringing cash in to survive these few months until he starts his new job. Thank you all and God bless you!

Denise (4) - 10/07

please pray for my son he lost his job, car repoed, drivers license taken by the state because he can no longer pay child support. He extremely depressed and feeling hopeless. Thank you and thank you for being here.

anon8 (2) - 10/07

I'm back to looking for work again. Please pray for me for a solution.

Maybe I should move. I'd like a decent income and health issues to be resolved. Thanks.

Lauri (3) - 10/07

I neeed so kind of work not sure how we will make it

Ann (1) - 10/06

please agree with me in prayer for Tre, Tamon, Tyra that the Lord would bless, keep and protect in the name of Jesus meet every need. in school and on the job.

Ann (5) - 10/06

I went through job partnership and it was the greatest experience I ever had in my life. But now it's over and I'm still going through I don't feel God. I no he's there just don't feel him been on my job for almost 2years no raise but I thank God I have a job. I'm hurting no matter how nice white people are at the end of the day you are still black even in church. I hate going to church now please pray that I understand this. People are nice to you in front of other people like Pastor Outing but behind the scenes different outside of church I pray that the Lord takes me higher to overlook this nonsense of these so called christian. I'm not feeling sorry for myself I'm a child of God I know I'm not to question God but why? so much hurt praying for favor for a home or apartment does God see me and my daughter we need a place that I can afford to live. I pray that my angel will locate a place for us to live. I'm loosing hope now.

christine (3) - 10/06

I have no income at all. don't know how but i'm making it. i tahe my state boards for cna on Oct. 15. still have to pay a small fee. Please pray that i recieve not only the finances to pay but a God giving job after I am certified so that I can support myself.

Jill (1) - 10/05

Hello friends,


Please pray for me to find a better job that will work around my school schedule.

Fadi (3) - 10/05

Hello brothers and sisters,

Please pray for me to find a Job from the hands of the Lord to take care of my family.

God bless you all for his glory.

Ed (3) - 10/05

The right business opportunity outdoor sales position will open that will be flexiable enough to handle single parenting responsibilities.

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