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Nicole (3) - 10/16 Pray

Thank you Lord. I come today not asking or demanding anything of you, because you alone are enough. I come to thank you for this season of waiting. You know the plans that you have for me and you know that this season of waiting is what I need to allow me to do the perfect work that you have planned for my future. I know that it will come when you feel that I am ready. Keep me focused and steadfast to keep doing that which you have ordained for my life. I thank you, I praise you and I love you. I pray that you keep your hand in mine and we will continue to walk together. Amen.

Delly (2) - 10/16 Pray

Pray that God sustains me always in faith

Cecelia (2) - 10/16 Pray

Pray that I will see through the lies and find my true worth and spiritual gifts fro God. That He will show me how I can earn a living and serve Him with joy.

david (3) - 10/16 Pray

help me provide for my family and care for others, or just remove me for existence. people dont see God, they see a begger, a bum, a man who has mental issues becayse He believes in God with the entirity of my life, stay for one, a little girl who I know deservers a magnificent life because of the petdin thst she is. God shows me her suffering knowing how it hurts me, He does this to show me how humanity hurts Him. Because if cutting off my arm, or leg, or even my very heart would promise her the life I want her to enjoy, I woukd do it without hesitation. I kniw fulky Gods love for me and Humanity, but to make this famiky suffer seems to remove or condition the Love He has. Maybe its I who condition my love for Him, which I do, for my life has no value if I can not condition her world through love.

PENNY (2) - 10/16 Pray

I am at a crossroad in my career. I want to work in christian outreach for veterans and less fortunate and step away from corporate. Help pray for job opportunity.

Jorge (2) - 10/15 Pray

I am transitioning from ministry to a regular job temporaly. That I find a job

Angela (1) - 10/15 Pray

I feel i don't have a purpose in my current role.

Feel guilty because it's not an awful job, but i'm just not a good fir there and really don't enjoy it or feel my skills are being used well.

Carla (1) - 10/15 Pray

That God will provide in this rough time my family is going through. A car and increased finances are needed. That my mom's cancer will continue to recede and that in the name of Jesus Christ, she will be healed. I thank God for the job He has given me and for everything it provides. Just need help for a car and severe, much needed dental work. Thank you.

Darrell (1) - 10/13 Pray

employment,family protected, change to please God

george bogdanowicz (1) - 10/13 Pray

please pray for my health cancer survivor , wealth i need a job , family change our hearts lord thanksgiving ahead of time

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