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charles (2) - 11/25 Pray

there is a girl that has my heart will you pray that God will give her to me and that God will touch he heart and that God will bring and keep us together and that she will become wife and that god will open doors and help me to take cear of her

MICHELLE (3) - 11/25 Pray

I would like prayer for employment that aligns with my education and experiences and a salary that is more than fair.

Scott (2) - 11/25 Pray

I would like prayer for God's leading and direction in finding my purpose. I've hit so many roadblocks and I've been told that my resume is too long. Pray for God to open doors, and I need prayer for a financial breakthrough.

Joshua (2) - 11/24 Pray

That I would be diligent in searching for a job and also maintain hope. Lately I have felt like things would never improve and I would be stuck without a job or underemployed for a long time.

Woody (0) - 11/24 Pray

get assurance for my career and college courses

Ngiri (2) - 11/22 Pray

I am wanting the good life to have my heaven here on earth. Unlimited, open, and rewarding in every way. Always willing to learn, listen, and grow. I am grateful for all I have experienced and look forward with great anticipation to all that is ahead. listen intently and am teachable. Teache me. Train me. I am open and ready for greatness.

Charmain (2) - 11/22 Pray

I pray for God's direction in my life. I need to get a job in the Health field that will allow me to glorify my Heavenly Father. Patient Advocate, Nursing, Naturopathic Care

Kelly (1) - 11/22 Pray

Prayers for God to continue to work out that which I am going through and expressing gratefulness and thankfulness for that which he has already worked out.

chris (3) - 11/21 Pray

i recently had to quit my full time job because of my wife's health. so now i am searching for a job that has the hours that will work around the schedule of getting the children to school.

Donald (3) - 11/21 Pray

I'm struggling with alot these days and it makes it very difficult to even want to try anymore I pray and wish for prayers to help me get past these feelings

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