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Laurie Reece (2) - 06/14

Contract ended and need a job. I want to trust in God’s promises and have child like faith that He will provide in His timing. In my wait I am weak and need prayer for a peace!

Tammy (2) - 06/13

I got laid off from my job @ BOA 3/21/2018, pls pray God's will & direction for my next career move. Thank you :)

Hyunki (1) - 06/12


Nowadays, I am looking for a job with all my heart because this is very important for me and my family.

I believe God is guiding me to work as a mechanical engineer that is proud of what I do and confident because I have experience worth about two decades

Debra (1) - 06/12

To receive confirmation that I've been selected by Barco. If not, to secure employment with an organization that offers a stable and positive corporate culture and in the interim, find financial assistance.

Vida (2) - 06/11

I recently transitioned out of a job and am struggling to find a new one. On top of that my roommate is moving out next month. I really need the Lord to open a position soon and in a safe and healthy work environment.

Mary (1) - 06/11

Im in search of a fulfilling new job that I love. My current job feels like a heavy weight.

Elizabeth (2) - 06/11

My family and I we are having a hard time with our finances,we are selling our house to move out of the state to try to get by.

Victoria Mbah (2) - 06/11

My hearts desire is to go into the Nursing field. Unfortunately I have no financial aide available to pay for the courses. I’m not sure what direction I should go as I am barely making it off of my current hourly wages. I don’t know if this is just the life God has for me and if elevation is not his will. I don’t know what other route to take. There is a hospital that will pay for my tuition but I lack 1 perquisite course microbiology. I ask my job to go part time to study for the course they said no only full time. Everywhere I turn I need grace. Even if I decided to settle. My life can not afford these current wages. I have been praying for 1 1/2 years for financial elevation. All my peers are succeeding. I am left behind.

Pamela (3) - 06/11

PRAYERS... PRAYERS... PRAYERS...Recently lost my job due to medical issues. Was unable to pay my car payment due to this hardship. I need financial assistance so I do not lose my vehicle and it has a downhill effect. I have been blessed with another employment opportunity I just don't start until the 18th of this month...

Cecelia (3) - 06/09

I am relocating back to Georgia and am need of housing as soon as possible. I do not want to lose the funds I need to use for the whole of June in one more week of hotel fees. I have been in a hotel for a month and need to know how the LORD wants to supply.

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