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Gino (4) - 09/14

For over 8 years, my friend Natasha Sylvain a.k.a Tasha has been struggling to live. Doctors first misdiagnosed her with having Myasthenia Gravis disease and prescribed her medicine to help her. Special prayers request for her thanks

Steve (5) - 09/13

Friday I'm going to have a CT Scan

Please pray that my Cancer Tumors

have shrunk and not spread to other areas.

Susan (7) - 09/13

Please pray that I would find work to support myself and my daughter. I am a widow.

Beth (5) - 09/13

I am feeling so grateful this morning that a recruiter contacted me about 3 contract positions as a Business Analyst. Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement, and support.


Please continue to pray with me and ask God to guide me through the application (and hopefully interview!) process so that I may find a great fit for my skills and experience.

Adrienne (5) - 09/12

Please pray that I do well on an interview that I have tomorrow. I am praying for everyone's job search.

Tommy (5) - 09/12

Prease pray that God would use the career profiler to show me what type of job I should be searching for.

Carline (5) - 09/12

Please intercede to the Almighty on my behalf for endurance, faith, and confidence during my employment search. At times I am overwhelmed by this giant mountain that I am facing, but I believe in the prayers of the righteous. I thank you in advance for your fervent prayers.

Kelly (4) - 09/11

I thank God for protecting me from what I thought I wanted and blessing me with what I didn\'t know I needed. Thank you God, for not giving up on me. I come not asking for anything, but just to say Thank you,....


I thank and pray for Crossroads and others who continuously lift others up in prayer. Where 2 or 3 are gathered in prayer, there the Lord will be also. Thank you, Lord for allowing me to pray for others who are in similar situations. Lord, you show us that we need not have to know each other to pray for one another. We just join hands across this nation and have faith that with you, we can overcome any obstacle and rest in your love and peace... As we encourage and pray for others, our strength is renewed...Thank you for those that you have placed in our lives to pray with as well as those who you have placed in our lives for prayer... As they continue to be a blessing to others, may they also be filled with blessings in their own lives....This I ask in your precious name... Amen.

Kelly (6) - 09/11

I was recently in a situation where no matter how hard I tried, I was unable to secure employment and I felt hopeless and considered giving up, but I began to pray and pray hard. I prayed at times until I cried and asked the Lord to help me because I was too discouraged to keep trying. I asked the Lord to take the burden from me. That night, I went to sleep and rested trusting that the Lord heard my prayer and the next day, I had a new outlook and a sense of hope that he was working it out. I did not get a job right away after that, but was more determined to not give up and keep pushing forward consistently praying with every application that I submitted. Soon after, I began to get considered for positions (interviews) as opposed to being told in email after email that I was being passed on, BUT GOD did not pass on me... I stand before you today as a true testimony that God keeps his promises. I have secured employment and begin on September 17. It\'s a job close to my home doing exactly what I asked for working with a great group of people.


Through prayer and fasting, the Lord has brought me TO it. I ask for continued prayers for the Lord to bring me THROUGH it I pray that his light shine through me daily throughout this new journey in my career path and that I always find time to pray and be grateful for the many blessings, big or small, that that the Lord has given me.


The wonderful thing about waiting on the Lord is that patience makes us stronger and the wait will generate a greater reward in the long run. Just be still and wait on the Lord. He will always come right on time. He won\'t let us fall.


I pray that as we all seek the Lord and his guidance for direction, that as we earnestly ask, we will also receive the blessings that are already ours in Christ Jesus.


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phllippians 4:13. AMEN

Beth (5) - 09/11

I'm praying in gratitude for finding this group. I am feeling thankful for this wonderful resource. I attended for the first time yesterday. I left feeling comforted, uplifted, motivated with practical next steps. This group is an incredible blessing. Thank you for offering such wisdom, compassion, insights, and compassion.

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