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joyce (3) - 06/21 Pray

i am praying that God will help me find another house cleaner.

Christel (1) - 06/21 Pray

Please pray for my family and all its members. We have been torn apart by all this economic stress. Both of us need jobs and our children still need help from us even though they are grown, raising children, or going to school while working. They still need our help. We have little to give them. We are in ur late fifties and mid sixties. It is hard as heck to get hired. What will we do when we can't work? I worry about it and pray a lot. What will we do for retirement. I know this sound dramatic but sometimes it takes away my desire to live. I hate all the pressure. Thank God we still function. Thank God we are relatively well and have extended family in similar situations. This economy has been brutal to us and very deflating. Now I understand why people end up on the streets. It is not from lack of motivation. Thank you for praying for us. I know others have it hard or worse. It just doesn't pay our bills. I pray for all of you as well. I pray for our world. Things are out of balance. God Bless You.

CTC (1) - 06/21 Pray

My prayer is for a new position in higher education. One that exceeds my expectations. A place where it is a great fit for the institution and for me.


Thank you,


C. Cruise

Charmaine T Cruise (0) - 06/21 Pray

My prayer is for a new position in higher education. One that exceeds my expectations. A place where it is a great fit for the institution and for me.


Thank you,


C. Cruise

DI (0) - 06/20 Pray

Prayers for God to open doors for work, my future family as I wait on Him. He is a faithful God!

Anna (1) - 06/20 Pray

A prayer for all of those who are seeking employment. May we find meaningful work, something fulfilling and suitable. May we find our place serving for our Heavenly Father in places that we can all grow, and provide for other in the community. May our hand, and our minds be guided in all that we do. With the help of our Lord we can accomplish great things, for the weary, and the tired may they find rest in Him- for all those traveling may they be protected and their steps guided. Thank you Father for all that you do, and have done.. may we bring Glory to you in all that we do.

Debbie (1) - 06/20 Pray

Where my family will witness bold, compassionate people who know the source of their confidence in prayer, who speak life, who abundantly dispel fear. Who are openly confessing weakness while demonstrating strength toward better outcomes. A transparency that in turn breeds confidence. Where a group of people walk and understand grace and its value in their walk. Where our passion and gifts are utilized. Where diversity is taken for granted and men and women stand boldly together no matter the age or gifts, talents, etc. Where people are contemplative, thoughtful and proactive striving for best outcomes. Where teenagers thrive and lives are valued and evident despite imperfections. Where work and play are balanced (HA!) Where we can be financially blessed and hospitable. Where my girls and I thrive despite challenges knowing God's word speaks as He wants it spoken.

Dee (2) - 06/20 Pray

I have been applying for jobs, I had 4 interviews last week and I am praying and believing for the one that will provide for best for my family.

I also want a closer intimate relationship with God and I've been writing my prayers down during my God time which use to be daily now it's a 3 -4 times a week. I feel a spiritual fog and I want to be free from that.

Michelle (1) - 06/19 Pray

God, Please send a hiring manager date and time for face to face job interview and acceptance into the salaried workforce. Give me strength and endurance in this present job situation with vision, wisdom and discernment. Book of Wisdom Amen Answered Prayer Offer of Employment June 19, 2017

Mariele (2) - 06/18 Pray

Please Pray to find the correct job for help my family. And pray for My Daughter enroll to the college soon! I Trust in God! AMEN !

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