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Kelsey (6) - 02/12 Pray

Please help me to see the light at the end of the tunnel, to see the passion I used to have. As a young person, I find this job search difficult, struggling with feelings of inadequacy. I want to hear God's plan for me and follow it, but for now it feels like radio silence.

Kathy (3) - 02/12 Pray

Jesus my old car doesn't run any more

please help me find a new one that's in good condition, not a lot of mileage and reasonable cost..(Toyota)

William (1) - 02/12 Pray

Praise the LORD!

Lillian (2) - 02/12 Pray

I’ve been retired after 33 years; but haven’t reached retirement age. No job since December 2017. Praying God will open doors for the perfect job and that I would know it’s from Him. Thank you. Amen

Kimberley (2) - 02/12 Pray

I haven't worked in almost 3 months, me and my family are on the verge of being evicted. Please pray I find a job soon. It's me a 3 young kids. Please pray

Adam (3) - 02/11 Pray

Please continue to pray that I receive a new job quickly and that I am paid according to my background and experience.

Jeff (2) - 02/10 Pray

Thank our Father in Heaven in Jesus' name for this ministry helping the body of Christ in such vital areas. Pray for our Father's nourishment and guidance to Crossroads Career. May this ministry prosper to great work aiding, repositioning, mending and healing the members of the body. May Jesus give Crossroads Career His great Physician power and love in setting all members in their properly functioning place thereby eliminating deficiencies, awkwardness, and pains. May He heal, strengthen, and prosper us to do His will wonderfully. God Bless. Give us the grace to do Your will.


Meesun (4) - 02/09 Pray

pray for me to survive and go through this tough times...

Lisa (2) - 02/08 Pray

That I hear God's calling for my life. That He will continue to provide for my children and I. For peace of mind.

Dave (1) - 02/07 Pray

For the families in need of decent shelter in Hall County. That God will meet their need, and guide the Habitat for Humanity mission here and around the world!

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