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John (1) - 08/16 Pray

Since my last prayer request God has provided a job. However any days in my new position I ask what am I doing in it and am I truly using the gifts that God has given me. I am working 60-70 hours a week and working Sundays. I would much rather be at church on Sundays. Please pray that I receive healing when it comes to my attitude of thankfulness/gratitude for things God has given me.

Deborah (1) - 08/16 Pray

I am at a point in my life where I must make some serious lifestyle changes. includes spiritual, caeer etc. pray that God will guide my steps. Thank you all.

Catherine (1) - 08/16 Pray

Please pray that God guides me out of my feeling of hopelessness, that I will lean on Him and find the right job.

Henry (1) - 08/16 Pray

Looking to find job and things are rough! Really tired of this life and ready to move to afterlife.

Lisa (2) - 08/16 Pray

I ask for prayers to have Gods will and direction in my life. That I may feel Gods love and show that love to everyone God puts in my path. I ask humble to always walk with Jesus, and that he guides every step I take in faith.

Marketta (1) - 08/15 Pray

Please pray that God will bless me with a job in Houston soon. I will not have a job next week. Also, to give me strength during this time in my life because I have a lot of bills and need financial help.

Ashley (1) - 08/15 Pray

Please pray that God would show up in my situation. I pray that he helps guide me through this difficult time and to help my girls and I find the financial stability we need to keep our home.

Albert D (1) - 08/15 Pray

That I will be still and listen to the urging of the holy spirit, and follow it to the job that God has for me

tahlia (1) - 08/15 Pray

Please pray that God comes back into my heart and allow me to find my faith and trust in him completely once again. I ask for help to find a job and keep me focused on improving my life for my family. Also to help family's across america for this difficult time in our government.

Haribabu (1) - 08/15 Pray

Please pray that God would have His way in my life and my family, and His plans would come to fruition in our lives

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