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The Prayer Network is a powerful tool for job seekers to receive prayer as they search for jobs, careers, and God’s calling on their lives. Please join us and click on the Pray button below to pray for a few people today.

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Doreen (2) - 06/18 Pray

Strength and endurance in present job situation.

Yolima (1) - 06/18 Pray

Please pray for me to be able to hear what my God want me to do, to give me a vision, wisdom and discernment and clarity when a need to take decisions in any aspect of my life and especially now in my search for a job. I want to be obedient and a good TESTIMONY for his GLORY.

Many blessings in your Ministry.



Bobby (1) - 06/18 Pray

I receive job offers in next week that is 1st shift. So I can continue school an attend Church commitments.

Cindy (1) - 06/18 Pray

Please pray that I will get a job and pray for my 85 year old mother who lives with me and is starting to show signs of memory loss. We are both saved by grace and need your prayers. My father died last August. Thank you so much.

Maureen (1) - 06/16 Pray

That I will obtain a part-time job with flexible hours that uses my gifts

Dominique (1) - 06/16 Pray

Financial breakthrough and direction on what to do next.

Dominique (1) - 06/16 Pray

Financial breakthrough and direction on what to do next.

Brian (1) - 06/16 Pray

Please pray that I believe and receive all the love and blessings the Lord is giving

KP (1) - 06/15 Pray

For wisdom, encouragement and better compensation as I seek a change in employment.

Chris (1) - 06/15 Pray

I have been leading Children's ministries for most of my professional career. I feel like it is time to step out into something new. I have a sense of what I would like to do, just praying that the right doors would open. I believe I have the drive and experience, but there is normally hesitation when hiring a "pastor".

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