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Mike (2) - 08/15 Pray

Please pray that we can find an affordable apartment for my daughter and her baby before we run out of funds for the week by week hotel they are in. She's finally on the right path having left an abusive relationship and met a great guy who wants to provide for her but with all of us working full time, as soon as we see an opening and call or go to the complex, any vacancy is filled. Thank you.

Scott (1) - 08/15 Pray

Pray that God will help guide me through these tough times and guide me out of this feeling of being in dispare. He will show me his grace no matter my past. Lastly, he will guide me to what I was truly put on this earth to do.

Arthur (1) - 08/15 Pray

pray that GOD will bless me to sign my full time contract this week for my college teaching job at Central Texas College on Ft. benning, Ga

Esther Castro (1) - 08/14 Pray

I'm looking for a job and need God to give me patience and guidance to find the right job for me to provide for my son. I'm a single mom, I'm going through divorce.

Leslie (1) - 08/14 Pray

Provision as I work with job planners to find a suitable position public speaking or teaching.

Kathleen (1) - 08/14 Pray

That God will give me strength,and guide me to the right job.Right now I have no income and have to depend on a friend to provide for me and that is difficult I am used to having some of my own money.Also I am dealing with emotional things.I just moved from Florida to Mississippi just over 30 days ago and trying to make changes in my life. My children stopped talking to me and don't want anything to do with me.

Ashley (1) - 08/14 Pray

I am really struggling. I am getting out of a long term relationship of five years. We live together and he just put his house on the market in an area that I know will sell fast. I know I should have listened when we went to Merge together about the living situation but he had just moved me in to his house right before we started Merge. We both knew it was not right to live together but we still continued because we were planning on taking the next steps together. My confidence is low because I am struggling to find a career, hurting because I am getting out of a relationship, and stressed that I don't know where to live and not sure how I will be able to pay for it. I feel like I have been praying the same prayer for months. I need more prayer warriors to pray for guidance, strength, and confidence. I am hoping something will open up for me. Thank you

dale voelker (1) - 08/14 Pray

My friend in Changsha, China, is looking for a piano teacher for his music school. Applicants must have a bachelors in music, piano performance preferred.


Stacie (2) - 08/14 Pray

Was let go at my old job and I am a mother of 3 and 1 on the way. I really need prayers please.

Melissa (1) - 08/13 Pray

Pray that I find a career job with benefits and my daughter this month in JESUS name Amen

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