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Danielle (7) - 09/10

I'm still in need of a job, in need of financial blessings to pay for each bill that comes due. I am seriously trusting God and trying to sell things to make each bill payment. Praises and thank you's to God for He has been with me and has provided for me, I'm trusting Him each day. I ask God to loosen selfishness, wrong thoughts and words from my husband and bind my husband to selflessness, right desires and words according to Gods will for my husband and marriage/our marriage. I need healing of my right S.I. Joint so a fusion surgery will not be needed and the possibility of surgery will no longer hinder my job search/interviews. I ask for protection over myself, my marriage, my family and all the prayer warriors who have been there with me through this very long storm that brings light (breakthroughs/victories) sporadically.

Janet Thomas (0) - 09/09

I have lots of experience working with, tutoring, playing, reading, and in general bringing out the best in children whose parents want to see that happen. I am searching for work in the San Marcos area. Currently assisting as a volunteer grandparent with homeschooling.

Jennifer (11) - 09/07

I am in need of a full time job. I have been praying annd searching for over a year. Please stand in agreement with me.

Monifah (4) - 09/07

I want to prayer for my family and my friends also my self. I turn 34years today I recently lost my job taught about doing the unthinkable taking my life. I just keep praying soon I’m going to be homeless. God would let me give up. I’m looking for work everyday but still can’t find anything. Please prayer that I will find something soon that I love.

sara andrade (10) - 09/07

I am try hard to find a job please pray for to get one in child development.

priscilla (10) - 09/06

Husband has not held down a job in over 3 years, currently hasn't worked in 9 months, we are losing our house and can't find a place to live, we are behind on all our bills, and our marriage has fallen apart. Asking the Lord to please save me from this nightmare that has become my life and bring a job to my husband and bless us with a new home.

Lynne (8) - 09/06

Marital seperation. Middle age. Havent worked FT in 10 years. No education.

Im saying yes to jobs and then backing out or if I do take one i.e. thru a staffing agency i panic!


Im overwhemled. I know the Lord. But still, my battle is real.


Plz pray Ill be Brave n Courageous. Ps 27


Thank you

Tracy (8) - 09/05

Asking for God's guidance on my career search.Education and skills not being fully utilized. Income will be decreased significantly soon. I just don't know where to look. Careers that I feel comfortable in applying for all require certifications or licenses, but that requires me to quit my current job to fulfill the field work/internship. Single mom just needing God's guidance. Thank you!

Travis (7) - 09/05

Asking The Lord for wisdom & direction in job search; I need to let go of self & let The Holy Spirit take full control of my life, teach me to be patient & wait on Him!

Melanie (6) - 09/04

Prayer for my boss who has cancer. He is a devout follower of Christ and a positive person in my life

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