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Lisa (1) - 02/06 Pray

That I hear God's calling for my life. That He will continue to provide for my children and I. For peace of mind.

Ivy (2) - 02/05 Pray

I pray that God would hear all of our prayers today and grant them according to His plan for our lives. He is the ultimate everything and all things. I pray that I could see past my trying and trying and asking ‘what next’ or ‘which way’ and ask God to point me to the direction of His next Glory for me. Please God. The lack feels as though it’s getting the best of me. I do trust you. I’m just tired of all the closed doors. I wish I were not, but I am. I pray for strength and motivation to apply to 1000 more jobs.

DeWitt (2) - 02/05 Pray

Please pray with me that I build my strength in my faith in God's promises to provide for my family and I. Also, that I am able to see and hear God's promises. Not having a job is not a good feeling. In all honesty, it does interfere with my relationship with Christ.

Linh Linh (2) - 02/01 Pray

Please pray for my children seek God first. And bless me with a job that I need.

Jacquetta (2) - 02/01 Pray

I am looking for employment with good benefits and in a good area so that I can take care of my responsibilities. Prayer for financial breakthrough and for God's constant provision in my living situation as well, that I will be able to stay and afford it or be placed someplace else secure for my two pets and I. thank you

Jerome (1) - 02/01 Pray

I'm requesting prayers support in the area of open doors, new opportunities, and wisdom as I seek a new assignment as a project manager.

Mary (2) - 01/31 Pray

I need prayer for a part time job that meets the flexibility needs for my family and my college class schedule.

Scott (3) - 01/31 Pray

I need prayer for a financial breakthrough. Also direction on the right career path, God's will be done regarding my business, pray for open doors for business growth and divine connections with the right clients, and pray for inner strength and protection for me, also I need prayer for emotional healing of minor depression.

TOMMYSULLIVAN (2) - 01/31 Pray

for a job to work to pay for living.


Tom (3) - 01/30 Pray

Relocated to the Chicago area a couple of years ago and recently found out my position is being eliminated in a reorg. My prayer is that I use this opportunity to become closer to God and allow his will to be done

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