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Becca (2) - 01/30 Pray

I have recently been let go from a position I've had for 21 years. My prayer is that I wisely use this opportunity to move closer to God's heart so that He may clarify my passion for helping others

and lead me to a position that uses my strengths and grows my faith and others for His Kingdom & His glory.

Kellee (7) - 01/28 Pray

I have been a stay at home mom for 18 years. My husband has been having affairs for the last 2. I have to return to work full time and pray for the right opportunity.

Noville (5) - 01/27 Pray

Recently relocated to GA. Transition has been extremely challenging. Seeking prayers for strength, guidance and a job.

Jessica (5) - 01/26 Pray

Please pray for guidance that I will obtain a job that utilizes my strengths, passion and benefits my family and others. That I will successfully interview and obtain the job within the next month (God willing).

GAIL (6) - 01/24 Pray

Please pray in agreement that I will find a Leasing Agent job beginner I have great customer service skills and that is what I am believing God for.

Kathy (3) - 01/23 Pray

Jesus my old car doesn't run any more

please help me find a new one that's in good condition, not a lot of mileage and reasonable cost..(Toyota)

Fatima (3) - 01/23 Pray

Lord help me find my way, please show me how to grow in the direction you intended.

Nicki (3) - 01/23 Pray

Help me to find a job that I like and gives me purpose and is suited for me. I am so miserable at my current job it is suffocating but I need a job. I had a messy divorce and had to find a job after 19 years of not working. I am supporting both of my daughters and struggle to make ends meet each month.

Jeff (2) - 01/23 Pray

Show me how to make my next career the one I love forever.

Adam (3) - 01/22 Pray

Help me find the job that God wants/provides for me. Help me understand this trial in my life and is all for a reason and that I need to surrender and trust in him.

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