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Letikia (1) - 10/11 Pray

I need a job so bad. Living with my mom and my four year old son is really keeping me depressed.

Maria (1) - 10/10 Pray

Dear God, I pray that this 10 year job search will be over soon, no job has been less then and I even moved out of state for a contract position. But if something does not happen this week, this is a make it or break it time. I pray that the calling you have for me is now. The word says you do not put more on us then we can bear, I have had my moments, for this has been a long journey. I pray that myself and the many others, especially it seems those over 40 that are experiencing the same will have your favor, that anyone that knows someone in need of a job/career will act by placing that call or that act of kindness. This 10 year journey almost broke me. I have always worked, volunteered, I am a positive leader that believes everyone should be treated the same and with respect. You have to question a world that now even recruiters tell you companies want to know your age, race, etc.., not that you are an excellent employee, with an excellent background having worked in corporate America with domestic/international organizations, as well as the start up and locally owned business within Operations/Office/Facility, HR, Customer Service - Management, and even a career as a Traffic Director, I have done it all and can take on anything with the leadership desired. I pray I rise for Gods glory. I want more then ever to be the leader I should be and to be blessed with a career, God I pray for your amazing grace and favor where it will be a testimony.


Also all I pray as we all for those that have been touched by flood, fire and other incidents across not only the US, but the world, may they all be covered by Gods grace

Ron (2) - 10/10 Pray

I need to find a job before we lose our home. I have some interviews this week and need for some thing to work in my favor

Robert (1) - 10/10 Pray

I need to have a job soon...The loss of my job is starting to negatively effect my relationship with my family. I have been unemployed for five months Please say a prayer for me.

Nega (1) - 10/09 Pray

I need to have a job. Bless you.

Makeba (1) - 10/09 Pray

I'm currently incarcerated at Hollywood Work Release and have been looking for a job for two months now and if I don't find something or I'll be sent back to prison so please pray that I find something soon

Steve Morris (2) - 10/09 Pray

As I start this new week, I wanted to ask all the prayer warriors to pray that a new job will fall upon me. As working as a recruiter for the last 15 years and helping others land positions in the companies I worked for, I now find myself looking for a new job. I know God will shine his light not just on me, but also on others who are looking for work. Thank you God for all you do and thank you friends for keeping me in prayer.

Michelle (4) - 10/08 Pray

Hello, I graduated in December of 2016 with my M.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering (with a Mechanical Engineering focus) and have been actively searching for a job for over a year. I trust in God's perfect timing and plan, but I really need to find a career soon... Please pray that I may have the patience, perseverance, and wisdom needed to follow God's will in this. Also, please pray that I may find a career soon. Thank you, and God bless.

Heidi (7) - 10/05 Pray

I need a job desperately. We're not rich but we're ok financially. But I loved working. I resigned from a part time job which was a chocolate factory I've worked for 12 years. Two other factory jobs let me go because I wasn't fast enough. My husband is working now. He's doing fine. I just would like to get paid to work again.

Steve (8) - 10/05 Pray

Good morning- I was recently laid off after almost 3 years with my company. I pray that with the grace of God I can find something else...

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