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Anna (0) - 05/30

Hospital Bills piling up.

Requesting Bills be paid in Full

In the Hole $325.00

On Monthly SSD

Can’t meet next Month Bills


Looking for Christians hiring Disable (SSD) Senior Christian P/T 4 hrs. per


Light Work

File Clerk

Erayna (2) - 05/30

please pray to loosen my attachments to the wrong people, bad habits, materials, past mistakes, "what ifs"

Diane (1) - 05/29

I would be fine with a help desk job and I am willing to travel a far distance.

Reggie (1) - 05/28

Prayer request for spiritual strength in dealing with and maintaining life - through God. Prayer request for financial stability, employment, health and wellness.

Diane (2) - 05/28

Please pray that I get employment soon! I am looking for employment in IT.

Diane (1) - 05/28

Please pray that I get employment soon!

Brandi (2) - 05/27

Continuing to seek God's will in employment, and I've been led here. Being a reliable people person with several years of administrative experience and public safety dispatch, I'm trying to align my will to His will. I will go wherever He leads.

Jessica (1) - 05/27

I need a reliable assistant manager and event Person!!!

Daniel (3) - 05/27

I recently was let go of my job in cardiac ultrasound and pray that I can find another position soon and pray that I learn all that Jesus is teaching me in this interim...

Lynne (4) - 05/26

Im 57 and short on some skills

Feeling the pressure of age discrimination although I believe God opens doors regardless.

I want be in His perfect will & plan for my life.


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