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Marie (1) - 11/09 Pray

I Have a License on pharmacy. I am a Lisenced Pharmacy Technician can't find work pray God to help me for that and prying for mom for back problem for 6 years can't do long time seeting or stending (can't work)

Kristen (1) - 11/09 Pray

I'm graduating college next month and my mental health is making it very difficult for me to find a job I can hold.

Nanette (1) - 11/09 Pray

I just moved here single mother who is in desperate need of prayer to help find a professional job to support my child.


Tiffani (0) - 11/08 Pray

I am a registered sonograpgher in ob and can’t get a job please pray For Gods will

Salina (0) - 11/08 Pray

I ask for prayers at this time. I have been unemployed since June, 2017 and a family member who is helping me financially seems to be feeling the pressure of my issues herself, so she keeps pressuring me more and more. I am doing the best that I can. Work is hard to come by and I feel that she has lost that understanding. Please pray that the Jesus intervene in our situation as I need her help and support and do not want my unemployment to be a stronghold in her own life. Together, we stand -- Divided, we fall. Thank you in advance for your prayers and I, in turn, pray for all of us here who are in similar situations.

J. (0) - 11/08 Pray

I am looking for a full time professional job. I have been unemployed for more than a year. My prayer are for me to obtain full-time employment to take care of me and my family. Thank you Jesus.

ERNEST (0) - 11/08 Pray



Mira (0) - 11/07 Pray

I am thinking about going back to school within the next year or so. I used to teach about 5 years ago, then stopped to raise my kids. As I think about going back to work, education has changed so drastically that I am thinking about changing to something else. Pray that I get a clear sense of direction as to what to do and what schools or programs to check out.

Thomas (0) - 11/07 Pray

I had a first interview with a company that is in the industry I am really looking to get into. I have an interview next week for a drafting position, and my current part time job has a full time opening. Please pray for guidance and a clear direction as to what type of work God is calling me to at this stage of my life.

Kellee (0) - 11/07 Pray

At 62 I am returning to the workforce, in search of a full time position. Please pray that I will be able to hear and understand God's guidance throughout this endeavor.

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