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victor (6) - 10/05 Pray

Good Morning...I was informed as of yesterday that my position was terminated. I do not have the reserves to make ends meet without this income and so finding a position immediately is critical. Please pray for my strength to understand and follow God's will and that I will find work soon. God Bless.

Nicole (1) - 10/04 Pray

Today, Lord -- I come to say Thank you. I stand here with other believers who know that finding employment in this day and age is difficult, no matter how hard we try-- I still say Thank you, Lord for --


not turning us away based on our age

not turning us away based on our race

not turning us away because our resume is not perfect

not turning us away because we are "not connected" on social media.

not turning us away because we are not "linked in"


I thank you for loving me "just as I am" and accepting me "just as I am"---for loving me "in spite of", not "because of".


Help me to stay connected ---not to social media and linked in,-- but to YOU Lord because you are the connection that I need to fill the desires of my heart.


Help me to know that in this time of age discrimination, to realize that you do not look at outward appearances ---In your eyes, I am perfectly made, my Christian walk with you is much more than my outward appearance.


Help me to know that regardless of the lies of the enemy to make me look "small and insignificant" in a pool of many---In your eyes, Lord, I am very significant and you keep your eyes on me always, even in times of difficulty and strife. When I feel that no one cares, I know you care. When I feel that I am being passed on without being looked at, I know that you have me wrapped in your hands providing comfort.


Always, forever, indefinitely -- you, heavenly father,----will continue to be my focus----The world will disappoint us, but, your love, lord is everlasting to everlasting......Amen.

Jason (2) - 10/04 Pray

Lord Jesus, as you know I am jobless and it is hard for me to make the money I need to sustain the situation I am in. I am in debt so much that I feel I will never get out of it. Given Your grace to live once more in the mounting debt that I suffer through daily I just want to thank you for everything I am learning from this experience. Yes its hard to trust that you are enough but you give me strength. Yes it feels like I am about to fall to my knees with the weight of all that is happening to me but to my knees I fall in gratitude to you my Lord. You will carry me where I lose my strength. There is nothing you cannot do. So I choose not to ask you for anything today. I choose to thank you for everything that I have. A place to live, 2 loving cats, food to eat, a place to wash, air to breath, two brothers, one sister, and my mother and father, uncle and aunt, cousins. Praise be to you my King. You are enough.

Spencer (1) - 10/04 Pray

Good Morning CIM,


Please pray that I will stay on alert for Gods signs that He send me. That I will diligent in my actions and follow Christ through my search and in serving my new position as He would see me do.


Thank you, Spencer

JEFFREY (1) - 10/03 Pray

Please pray that the Lord provides a staff/senior accountant position in the Dallas/Irving/Addison/Richardson area and that hopefully I can start in November. I currently work as an SEC financial reporting analyst at a company called Alon USA, but we have been acquired by another company and will be losing my job at the end of October due to consolidation.

Ken (1) - 10/03 Pray

Over 55 and I am finding myself needing new employment quickly.

Kelly (2) - 10/03 Pray

Praying for God's perfect peace and that he continue to help me not to be anxious, but to wait on his timing for new employment. Please pray that I stay steadfast in my faith and that God continue to lead me where he desires.

Linda (1) - 10/02 Pray

That I can work where God can really use me. I've been out of the workforce while homeschooling.

Joe (1) - 10/02 Pray

I am new to the job search after 35 years with same company, praying for networking abilities, thanks

Earvin (1) - 10/01 Pray

I'm 25 and I arrived back in America this summer after working in missions overseas for two years. I'm not quite sure what or where my calling lies, and I haven't had much luck with job searching so far. Pray for wisdom as I enter this next season of life and for job provision and trust in the Lord!

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