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Crystal (2) - 09/29 Pray

Please pray that my opportunity with roofing company is successful next week. Good pay and an offer. I am also hoping to rekindle a relationship.

John (4) - 09/29 Pray

I am fervently looking for a job. I been unemployed for the last 6 months. I refused to get on unemployment benefit, believing in God to provide for me according to His riches in glory. Please join me in prayers.

David (2) - 09/29 Pray

I'm almost 50. I went back to school and graduated (again) in 2014. I got a job in my field in 2013, a year before graduation. I lost it in 2016, due to restructuring. Now my career is on the rocks. I'm working a job at 60% of what I used to make. I can't pay my bills, and I work 2-11p. I have three kids here and one in Heaven. Marriage failing.

Teresa (3) - 09/28 Pray

Hello I am a Christian and have been working in Christian education for over 12 year. I do not want to teach any longer, but I am in need of a full-time jobs. Please pray for me. Thanks!

Brian (1) - 09/28 Pray

I am trying to find a flexible, job I can do from my home computer. I have a lot of ministry and customer service experience. I only have a part-time job, and my wife is having surgery. Neither of us has had decent work for several months, and financing are taking a big hit. I WANT TO FIND SOMETHING THAT GLORIFIES GOD AND BUILDS HIS KINGDOM, BUT HAVING A VERY ROUGH TIME. THANKS FOR PRAYING!


David (2) - 09/28 Pray

I am being displaced from my work due to the company being acquired. Pray for a new opportunity and the wisdom to know the right direction for me to follow.

Manu (1) - 09/27 Pray

Clear direction for my job search - thank you.


Kathryn (2) - 09/27 Pray

I am praying for comfort during this time, as well as financial stability within my home. I pray for wellness within my family and happiness as well.

James (4) - 09/27 Pray

Please pray that I find I job that I would like, and is close to home.


Dennis (1) - 09/26 Pray

Wisdom to know the Pathway to Gods provision of employment

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