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Edward (4) - 08/29

I need a job got laid off last week. I need one that pays good and what I can do. I am a custodian, by trade I can do almost anything in graphic tech. and can do it help desk.I am a good worker.

Sharon (4) - 08/29

I am desperately in need of a job, I am employed but was told that I could be laid off at any time due to cutbacks

Steve (5) - 08/29

My Father has been sick for a number of years and recently, his health has deteriorated significantly. I would be grateful for any prayers to help him feel better and to not have anymore pain. Thank you!

Lindsey (5) - 08/28

I need a vision for my life, especially in my career. I am employed but desire a change and new challenge.

David (3) - 08/28

We are constantly looking for reliable, honest friends, to perform humble FT M-F 8-5 work. We clean houses, provide time for families to be families. Please pray we can find enough folks to help all those on our wait list that want help. We have had to postpone our charity cleans for CleaningforaReason.org because of staff shortages.

Tracey (6) - 08/27

A new job with normal i.e. 8:00 - 4:00 or 9:00 - 5:00 working hours with a full benefits package that is closer to my home. One that has a great culture and work environment that I can work until I retire.

Tavara (6) - 08/27

I need prayer for a better job with full-time hours. I need a financial opening right now concerning multiple things. I don't know what to do, but I believe God and trust him.

Rachel Ortiz (7) - 08/27

Please pray for me as i continue looking for a job God in control may he provide the right job for me where I could stay for a long time Amen.

Cheryl (7) - 08/27

Please pray for me while I continue to look for a job. Pray that a job will soon open up for me. One that God would choose for me. Also, pray I will not be fearful as the months pass and I will not become depressed when a job doesn\'t work out. Thank you!

Brittany (6) - 08/26

That I'll be able to transition into the Human Services field very soon from being exhausted in the Business field. Please pray that I'll be able to transition into Human Services with my Business Degrees and that I'll finally be able to go back to school next year to begin my Pastoral Counseling Degree. Thank you so much!

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