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Irina (1) - 11/07 Pray

I am stay at home mom for the last 8 years. I am looking for any job to start (full time, part time )and get some experience Please pray for God's wisdom and direction. Thank you

Patrice (1) - 11/06 Pray

I need a job any job -

Angela Palmer (0) - 11/06 Pray

My husband abandoned me two years ago, leaving me to pay all the bills with a part time job, God has been good and kept me with the money I had while working part-time. Now, I have used all my money. I know all things can change with the touch of the Masters hand. My prayer request is that Jesus give me a full time job with benefits to pay my bills and to bless other. He has never failed me yet. Thank you!

Tami (0) - 11/06 Pray

I am moving to Dallas, TX on New Years Day 2018. God has given me some excellent contacts in Dallas, though I continue to search long distance (from Indiana) for job leads in Dallas. I am looking for full time administrative assistant and/or legal assistant work. Thank you for your prayers.


Gail (0) - 11/05 Pray

I am looking for full time work with full benefits.

Thomas (0) - 11/05 Pray

I am looking for a decent paying full time job with benefits.

Gary Pham (2) - 11/05 Pray

Please pray for my family as we are in waiting for the work permit and find a job for my whole family. Gary Pham

Kimberly (0) - 11/05 Pray

That I find a job that will allow me to empower at-risk children and broken families. All while allowing me to be able to help support my household with my significant other. Amen

Lakeith (1) - 11/04 Pray

I need a job immediately ive been applying to numerous of jobs and haven't gotten hired..

Leslie (0) - 11/04 Pray

That I can get a better job to support me and my son

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