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Mischelle (4) - 09/03

We are thinking about moving to Iowa from Pennsylvania. Two of my brothers live there and we want to be closer to them. I need prayer to know if this is God\'s will. Right now I\'m planning to take the month of October in Iowa to find a job and a place for us to live. If I do this, that will go a long way towards convincing me its the Lord\'s will, especially if things fall into place there.

Christopher (5) - 08/25

Find the right job that I love

Christopher (2) - 08/25

Find the right job that I love

Himabindu (3) - 08/24

Pray for find right job and glorify God and experience His Power.

Himabindu (2) - 08/24

Asking God to give wisdom and understanding and help in critical thinking, active listening and effective communication and happily employed and fulfill God's purposes and glorify God.

Dee (12) - 08/23

Please pray for me for a job and environment that is right for me. My last job was in a very toxic environment! After four years of dealing with the environment, I was laid off. The layoff was a blessing, but now I am dealing with not being able to find a job that is not entry-level. I have over 20+ years in leadership roles in a variety of industries and no door has opened for me. Thank you.

Madison (8) - 08/22

The last 8 months, or really 3 years, I’ve been praying and searching for what God has for me to do here on this earth. I’ve been unemployed, employed by the highest organizations in the US, and it is a hard and lonely journey. Have not yet found my purpose, my mission, even my next step. Praying about where to go, what to do, and joy in the patience of waiting for Him to meet me.

Paul (5) - 08/21

I left the workforce about 6 months ago to help my wife on the home front as she cares for her elderly mother. I\'m ready to reenter the workforce in a part-time capacity but I have conflicting feelings about whether now is a good time. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for me.

Stephanie (8) - 08/19

Lord cover me with your precious blood as I walk in new territory. Make me sensitive to your voice and obedient to your will. Kill the strongman that's within me that speaks lies and defeat to my soul, I have the victory in Jesus' name amen.

Jerod Paul davis (5) - 08/18

I pray my spouse finds Jesus

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