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Mambo Samuel Longa Nyabala (1) - 07/21

I am a preacher here in Northern Uganda. Son to late Pastor Joshua Longa Nyabala the Founder of South Sudan Independent Baptist Church. Since His death there is no pastor in the Church that he pastored. I am asking your prayers for the Church to get a faithful pastor. I am also asking your prayers for my children ministry and the youth ministry that God will help the ministry moves forward. Pray also that God will send missionary for the South Sudan Independent Baptist Ministry. Because currently there is no missionary that is support the ministry and there are more than 7 Churches for the ministry here in Uganda the pastors need support which is not there. pray with me that God will help us. Yours in Christ Mambo Samuel Longa.



Samantha (2) - 07/20

I was blind sided by my job and let go back in March. I haven't been able to find full-time employment since. I moved to Dallas for this job, not knowing anyone so it's been extremely hard, sometimes lonely, stressful.. and I have had several issues receiving unemployment. Prayers for a job and peace.. rest in God's plans & timing.

Tom (1) - 07/20

That the Good Lord would bring the right person to our office... someone who would be blessed by the work we do at our dental office, while blessing others in helping them with their dental care. That God would bring a believe to our office... that the light of Christ would shine bright here for all to see. Amen

Hannah (3) - 07/16

The Lord is calling me to a new season and a new job! I believe He has the perfect job for me somewhere and I will love it. Please pray that God will give me direction and discernment and open the doors He wants for a job for me! I’m believing it will be soon because I’m a single mother and I need a better job. Thank you for the prayers!

Moneah (0) - 07/15

Prayer for peace

James (2) - 07/15

I pray God bless the works of my hands

Alpha L H Kinssey (2) - 07/14

Increase In the Ministry In Me, the Marriage God Gave me and every other area of my life

Caudray (2) - 07/14

Understanding the call on my life.

Lauren (2) - 07/14

PLEASE!!! Pray that my financial struggles, mental health struggles get better soon. Please pray my children can come home to me soon. Life has been pretty hard for as few years but I don't give up and I keep my faith in God! Everytime it's almost the worst i.e homelessness, jobless...etc. God comes through! Amen

LaSheba (2) - 07/14

Please stand in agreement with me that GOD WILL give me a sense of direction in every aspect of my life. It Is So! Thank you.

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