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Latest Prayer Requests

Nanie (4) - 08/21

Request for prayer please to be unstuck in my job search. I had a career change and finished my Master of public health however I’m not motivated in my job search.

Taryn Benefiel (3) - 08/20

Please join in me in prayer for marriage restoration for my spouse, Joel and I. Our marriage is in crisis and through faith, hope, and prayer I believe it can be restored. I do not believe God is in favor of divorce but my husband thinks he may want one. Please pray for God to soften his heart, to help him repent his sins, and restore his love for me and our marriage vows. Amen.. thank you

Scott (4) - 08/20

Prayer and discernment regarding the right opportunity paths. I have an interview coming up for a PT tutor position and I need prayer over this for strength and courage. My fall classes start next week and I need discernment, wisdom and guidance, that God's will be done regarding the classes I will be taking

Maddie (3) - 08/18

For God's guidance and discernment of His purpose and specific plans for my life.

Jose (3) - 08/17

I am in an active job search, recently I was notified that my contract with 7-Eleven was terminated due to the company's financial situation.

Mary (6) - 08/16

I need a new teaching job. I worked as a leave replacement last schoolyear. The job ended in June and I have been going on interviews and sending in applications since May with no luck for a new posiition yet and the schoolyear starts in just 2 weeks! Please pray for me. Thank you.

Elizabeth (7) - 08/15

I need a job before the end of the month because I will have run all out of money period.

Patrick (2) - 08/13

Good day All,


Please pray for our temp associates, team members and client partners. We all have fallen short and are need of prayer especially during these challenging times. I pray that we all follow God's word knowing that we all will for short. Thank you!


Patrick (2) - 08/13

Please pray for all of temp associates, team members and client partners in that we all turn for the better and follow God's word. We will fall short but all need prayer during these challenging times. Thank you,


Kim Pittman (7) - 08/12

Praying for partime job / income to help sustain my monthly household bills. I have recently divorced and we had our business together and worked together for 23 years. He wouldn’t continue to be in business with me when I divorced him due to the continued chias and trouble in the home life , marriage and business life. He has intentionally continued try to hurt me financially , emotionally verbally and mentally. It is a challenge everyday. Please pray for a heart change and for peace to be with in our family - I pray for GODS will.

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