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Latest Prayer Requests

Sheila (17) - 12/14

I pray for enough income to push me past survival and allow me to pay down my debts.

Jeanette (17) - 12/12

My prayers are that the Lord will open doors whereas my love for people will be an asset... and that he continues to get the glory out of what i do and say in knowing that i am representing such an awesome God!!! I want to be the sun when people just can't seem to find sun in their dark place.

Chris Peters (11) - 12/12

I pray that I will find a job that gives me the fulfillment that I am somehow making the world a better place. I pray that I would heal from mistakes I have made that derailed my attempt to go back to school. I pray for wisdom and understanding on why I hate my old career so much and how to get to a better place emotionally so that I can move forward.


I acknowledge that You are sovereign and I surrender my dreams and desires to your will.



Justin (2) - 12/11

I pray that God who has closed this door will open new ones and find me a career I can be better equipped for. In the waiting may he provide all that I need and met all my needs.

Justin (6) - 12/11

I pray that God who has closed my dream career will open an even better one soon. I pray that while I search for new opportunities that my provisions will be met!

Kathy (6) - 12/11

I pray that God opens doors for me to walk into my dream career and that I may be able to testify of His goodness. And also that it will enable to me lack no more. That I become a giver and not a borrower.

Anely (6) - 12/10

I pray that God heals me about my mistakes and my suffering. I would like to move forward in serving him however I can

Lissette (8) - 12/05

I pray that God continues to watch over me and my family

Jacqueline (9) - 12/03

I want prayer to get the skills I nees to be a real asset. I want to be extraordinary. I want new skills and strength to block out distractions. Amen

Tonya (5) - 12/01

That God will continue to help us ...heal us and allow Us to do his will on this earth..

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