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Latest Prayer Requests

LaSheba (1) - 07/14

A sense of direction in every aspect of my life.

CH (3) - 07/13

I have an interview tomorrow for a new job. Over the years, I have made very poor decisions regarding finances and am asking God to help me, despite how I have managed His resources. I am deep in the pit of debt and am praying for a job I enjoy with a much better salary. I am so ashamed of the situation I have gotten myself into and have no where to turn other than to cry out to God. Thank you very much for praying for me.

Andrea (7) - 07/12

Please pray for me for the right job. I have been seeking employment for 32 months (since Oct 13, 2018). My last job environment was very bad, but I stayed and tried to find another job, but every door kept closing. I was then was laid off due to no fault of my own. I am now in transition and trying to find work.

Narai (5) - 07/12

Please pray for my brother Patson Kadaluka. He drinks and offend hurts himself when he is drunk . He always bumps his head or gets into a fight or blacks out unconscious from alcohol , he has nbeen like this for year . Please help me pray for him

So that he can know Christ’s love and salvation and also stop drinking

Phil (4) - 07/09

Please pray for my marriage and our finances. Thank you

Dawnell (4) - 07/09

Prayers for a clean, safe, affordable place to live for me and my son. My landlord is selling the property I am renting and my 60 days to vacate expires August 31st. Also for a great job with real living wages, benefits and retirement. Ephesians 3:20. Thank you

Michael (6) - 07/07

Please, I need prayer. I struggled through a 15-month job search in 2020-2021. I was blessed with a job in March 2021, and in June 2021, I was impacted by a company restructuring, and my position was eliminated.

Melanie (6) - 07/05

Prayers for total healing for my mom who just had a stroke.

Jane (7) - 07/05

I lost my job after only 8 months due to it not being a good fit. I only had two virtual interviews when I accepted the position. I know that it is God\'s plan that I be searching again. Could you lift me up in prayer that I will find a job with the right fit so that I can end my career well? Thanks.

pre (4) - 07/05

Would you please pray for my sister and I good health and financial blessing for both of us with new jobs and a soul mate. Also, that all doctor appointments are good?

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