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kourtney (6) - 08/17

I am trying to find a new job currently. I started my new position about three months ago. I am going on my third year of being with my company (small charter school in AZ) but I am not happy with how it has been over the years. I am desperately trying to wait on the Lord and listen to Him in regards to what He created me for and what I am supposed to be doing with my life career wise. I am feeling extremely lost and just need to hear from Him.

kourtney (3) - 08/17

I am in search of finding a new job. My current job is not working out the way that I wanted it to. I am desperately trying to wait to hear from the Lord to understand what His plan is for my life. Just feeling really lost in it all. Praying that I hear from Him in relation to my career path.

Mag (6) - 08/17

I am praying that God bless me with a new Job. I feel lost I need him to show me the way.

Shana (7) - 08/17

Please pray that I have lots of confidence and knowledge and I succeed in my two interviews today or a get an offer from another interview from other companies. Been 6+ mos. Taken classes. Grateful single mom, not in a serious situation yet. I have applied for so many jobs that I am qualified for. Please send me down the correct path soon. Baruch HaShem!

Michael (2) - 08/17

I am praying that God shows me the way to a new job to grow and contribute.

Steve H (7) - 08/16

I need to know what path Jesus wants me to take . My current job has shown me the door is closed and now God has opened up 2 other possibilities. One is in my current city the other is out of state but closer to family. Help me know God’s will and help me to be strong and courageous. I really need to know if I’m running away or towards something. Give me peace help me to be the God man for my wife and Kids!

Jerod Paul Davis (7) - 08/15

I’m asking for prayer for god to lead me to my new career and life with him. I am unemployed and a father to 3 precious children. I have heard gods calling and want to share about his grace. I’m homeless and we have no hot water and no kitchen. But we have a community that is home so we are hoping to stay and find a way to a house. I love y’all and want y’all to know what god has done for me. Keep fighting the good fight. Jerod from tx

Ivy (5) - 08/15

I have been praying for a career based on God's purpose for my life.

Gabe (3) - 08/15

Knowing weather to take this new job with more then 10 dollar cut but will provide more opportunities of growth in the future or stay at current job where there is no more room to grow or go back to school full time & finish my engineering career & use the GI bill to pay for it.

Nancy Roach (2) - 08/15

For my son Cheyne to get a teaching job - he worked hard through much difficulty in a program to get his ELA teaching certification and for him to come to trust in the Lord Jesus

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