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Karen (2) - 06/09

Break the stronghold, witchcraft, consumer, devour of my finances. Brak the cycle of anger and dysfunction within me and my family. Make me and my children whole again. I want to see my Granddaughter McKenzie. Please God Hear My Humble Cry.

SharDe (2) - 06/08

I join so many of you and your prayers. I lift them up ask I ask for the same. I am the mom of an amazing little boy with autism. Therefore, I am a caregiver, mom and generally work part time. I was laid off without much notice recently and it has been hard to find another job. Plus, my husband hasn't been earning the income we need to keep our bills paid and up to date. I am praying that the Lord will guide us to jobs according to his will and that we will continue to seek him for the health of our marriage. Amen and God Bless You All!

Courtney (5) - 06/07

I need a little help to keep motivated and faithful while I continue my job search. I have used up all my emotional, financial, and spiritual reserves. I\'m running on fumes and don\'t know how much longer I can hold on. I\'m praying for the right career opportunity to come along soon before I lose everything.

Maurice (4) - 06/07

Navigating the job search while fighting kidney disease.

Amy (3) - 06/06

Thank you Lord for UI. I pray for courage and wisdom to know where to apply. I would like to be a career counselor for a college or God\'s best. Thank you.

Lake Miller (3) - 06/05

Hello, I would like to request prayer to secure sufficient employment within the next 2 weeks with God\'s help.

Thank you for your time and prayers.




Kathy (2) - 06/01

First thank you Cross Roads career for this wonderful online prayer network!


I feel it is time for me to find my next job , I have been in the same job for over 10 years so I am not exactly sure where to start, I feel a little lost.


I know it is a difficult time to find a job so I am trusting God will open the next door for me. I am very appreciative of the job I have but do feel it is time to move on and I also appreciate what I have learned there over the years. Thank you!

Maria (3) - 05/31

Praying for finances and for my husband. That God can give him direction on a job that aligns with God’s will.

Suzanne (4) - 05/31

Please pray that the Lord sends me the perfect job. Where I can use the skills that work the best for me.

Thank you,

Andres Barrera (2) - 05/30

This year my contract with the organizaron I las working for was not renewed and I have been unemployed since January. God opened a door for me to translate a book from a brother in the United States, but last week my computer broke down. The motherboard was damaged.

I would appreciate your prayers in two ways: 1) For a stable job. 2) For provision to fix the computer or to buy one.

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