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The Prayer Network is a powerful tool for job seekers to receive prayer as they search for jobs, careers, and God’s calling on their lives. Please join us and click on the Pray button below to pray for a few people today.

Latest Prayer Requests

Tena (7) - 02/08

Please pray for wisdom, guidance and support for finding a job that is an excellent fit for me. Please also pray I use my time wisely during my career transition, Thank you so much, God bless you!

Barry (12) - 02/07

I ask for God’s guidance today during my interview and trust the plan he has for me.

Tyler (7) - 02/06

I ask for prayers for a new career path so that I may strengthen my marriage, be a better father, give my family the devotion they deserve and serve in whatever way the lord has in store for me.


Thank You

Stephanie (7) - 02/06

I was laid off in November 2022, part of massive tech lay offs. I am still unemployed. Please pray that God will find me a position very soon. I am trusting God has a plan for me. I am growing weary and filled with a lot of anxiety. I am a widow. Blessings.

Marlene (4) - 02/06

I ask for grit. I'm seeking networking / mentorship in my Real Estate investing journey. I worry so much about this but I know it's possible. Thank you ❤️

Yessie (5) - 02/04

Thank you for all the prayers! I finally got offered a job. I start Monday and I'd like to ask if you can please pray for wisdom and guidance. Thank you Jesus for this opportunity.

Cindy (5) - 02/03

Please pray for a miracle...God knows the details...thank you so much...

Priscilla (15) - 01/30

I ask for strength not to give up, to fight each day not to break. To find my way back from this past year. I am a domestic violence survivor that lost her job Feb 2022 due to injuries sustained from my last incident and due to multiple surguries was not able to go back to work until this past October but have been unable to find a job. Now single mother of 2 struggling to keep our life together financially and mentally. I pray for a good job, retored happiness and stability.

Roger (11) - 01/29

ask for strength and support as I continue my job search with the highs & lows.



Yessie (4) - 01/28

I have been laid off since September of 2022 and unable to find work yet. Praying that the a lord will open an opportunity for me soon.

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