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eric (2) - 01/09

hi i updated my linked Eric Sager



eric (2) - 01/08

and i swithed to a new church and i dont know anyone and you say the biggest thing is not to do this alone. christmas day service no one greats me at church. come home wife goes to her fathers with my son as i was not invited. bam bam bam hardest day and weekend i have spent entirely alone. and that was a repeat of thanksgiving as well.

eric (1) - 01/08

I am about to crash because of debit monthly etc.. and i am doing this alone even though i have wife and son zak 8, we are no help to eachother as i just have to pay half the rent and we have no medical since end of november. i am try to work days so i can spend time with him after work and at a dinner table etc.. no one will hire me it seems every day find new jobs and in the next few days i get all my hopes for a job dashed again to smithereens. and its hard . and i cant work an outside job and i can work in a warehouse or office and i guess i will take a look at my linked in deal why i wait for for you all to contact me..

eric (0) - 01/08

Hi i need a job fast i have been of work since dec 5, and i can not work out side as i prefer an office job and I doing all this so i can spend time with my son 8 years old after i get off work . and for to do a family stuff of dinner and what not . and at this point they do not care for me to much and i sleep in a separate room. for God to put romance back in our lives even though it was not , ever there in the begining. we have been together since 2000 and married since 2011 and zak our son is 8

Lori (1) - 01/08

I need prayer because I have been sick since May of 2021, I ended up in the hospital with congestive heart failure COPD and I'm oxygen 24/7, I got out of the hospital on May 17, 2021. The restrictions that they gave me when I left the hospital were, I'm on 10 liters of oxygen while walking around 6 liters wow sitting down. I'm restricted to 2 grams of salt and 60 ounces of fluid. As of today January 8, 2023, I am on 6 liters of oxygen while moving around, 2liters while sitting down and got off the heart medicine. This changed my whole Career in a job.

My background I was a youth counselor for 18 years, I have a bachelors in sociology and minor in criminal justice, my associates degree is in office assistant. I have been a certified welder, semi-truck driver. Now I must start a whole new career.

good job must be all remote and from my home. I did a month-long course with the University of Utah for remote extension and have a certificate for that. I have never done any work on a computer like this before. I'm a duck out of water

My prayer is to find a remote work at home job, that I can do it with the experience that I have on my education.

I know God's got a plan, I'm just not sure what it is, so I guess my next prayer would be if you have any insight on what I need to do please share that with me. I am 110% trusting the Lord for everything. I'm not working I haven't worked for almost two years I've applied a lot of places, but nobody wants to hire me with my oxygen. I want to work

Justin (3) - 01/08

What direction God is wanting me to go in. And if I am on the right road.

Tecori (3) - 01/08

What is God calling me to do I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be doing something I want to know what God has built me for so I can get to work

D.Sam (3) - 01/07

Please pray for I will be laid off at the end of February. I have two grown kids to take care of.

Erwin David (2) - 01/06

Marriage, looking for new Job, I wanna serve God

Lorenzo Ervin (5) - 01/02

My bank have a block on my account and I cannot get my money to pay my bill I ask you to pray to God that they will release my money I mean they will release my money and remove the block off my account so I can get my money to pay my bills

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