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Latest Prayer Requests

Zenaida Ross (1) - 08/09

Please pray for me . I need a job. I’m a caregiver for elderly, please pray for me to find an elderly to take care or find a board and care that I can work as a caregiver. Tel 818 571 1282 . Thank you so much.

Jessica (2) - 08/08

I am graduating this Friday with my associates in accounting. Looking for a work from home position, so I can keep my newborn home with me. Prayers I find something soon because we are having a hard time making ends meet.

Jennie (3) - 08/07

I'm asking for prayer. I am a young 67 year senior citizens. I don't have friends or family in Georgia. I moved here with my ex husband but has since became divorced. Anyone that was a support system in my life. Has passed in to be with the Lord. I have been scammed out of all my savings and has given a lot of money to people that was in need. The neighbors tree feel in my home and have done great damage. Please pray for me, that I will not succumb to this feeling of panic and fear, that is trying to overcome me. And that I will get the funds that are needed for the repairs to my home.

Holly (3) - 08/06

My 8 year old has been sick for 20 weeks now. Declaring healing over her. I have a job where if I don't work, I don't get paid and I have taken so much time off. I would love prayers to heal my finances. Just us two in our house. Thank you all!!

Linda (2) - 08/06

For my life to be less stressful a place to call home and not worry about how I’m paying rent. Or for my 14 yr old to know just how hard I’m struggling Peace love happiness

Tasha (2) - 08/05

God to bless my business to get off the ground and become profitable

Castanita (2) - 08/04

I am relocating to Greensboro NC. I really need direction to hear from Daddie God. It's almost time for me to go and I don't have a place to stay yet, a job, and I know this is what he wants me to do. Why is he so silent now? Please I need prayer badly.


Marie (2) - 08/04

Please pray that I can find a internship, volunteer work or a entry level job in Human Resources. I’m currently getting my Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology and no experience. The current job I have is not H.R. related. Thank you for your prayers.

Marie (1) - 08/04

Need an internship in Human Resources or a entry level job in that field. Pray for the Lord's will. Currently doing M.A. in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, but my current job is not in that field. Thank you for your prayers.

Scott (3) - 08/02

Need prayer for God's help and support to get through this summer term which ends Friday. Also for protection and provision. Pray for God's will regarding my career transition, also for a closer walk with God.

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