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Alonzo (5) - 01/13

Please pray that my back is healed and for me to be bless with the correct job God has for me. I will continue to pray and fast in his power as he is working in me. Thank you.

Jessica (3) - 01/13

Please pray for me Jessica Boswell Plus my son Isaac who’s school just got quarantined today. As well as my friend Carrie, her husband Mark, and Danisha. We are all not feeling well. Thank you

God bless you

I’m praying for right job opportunity too, working from home.

DeAndra (5) - 01/07

For a new career as I just retired or Term out on city council for almost 8 years I need direction for what's next iam stressed been on my job 20 years no insurance or 401 k no career advancement .

DeAndra (1) - 01/07

For a new career and for God to show me what's next as I just Term out or retired from City Council for almost 8 years.

mintra (11) - 01/03

I am at my wit ends. I am about to lose my home being behind in my mortgage payments and lost my car to the bailiff today. I just find a job need need my car to tgo to wotk.

I am in need for prayerys to help me keep my house and to get my car back and to keep my job without my car i cannot keep my job please pray forme

Jessica (5) - 01/03

I need prayers for new independent contractor work from home opportunity, my husbands sugar, and my son to be healed emotionally. Thank you

Teresa (2) - 01/02

I need prayer for healing for my condition: hypopituitarianism secondary. My medication is very expensive, and with the cost if rent, groceries, gas, electric, and other necessities rising, it is hard to keep ahead of all expoenses.

Sandra (1) - 01/02

Posted a prayer earlier with gmail.

Christopher (2) - 12/31

I need a prayer for my sisters Dog her name is Hazel, She became pretty sick looking about a week ago I realized it when i seen Blood an scabs all over her side. now she looks like a Zombie Dog Scabs everywhere an all 4 paws are super Swollen an red. We can\'t afford the vet bills. I don\'t know what else to do.

Christopher (1) - 12/31

I need a prayer for my sisters Dog, her name is Hazel We don\'t really know what is wrong with her an we can\'t Afford The Vet Bills.

Her skin is scabbed all over her body to face to feet to belly to tail. She basically looks like a Zombie Her feet is Swollen an red an I don\'t know what to do.

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