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Haley (2) - 09/20

I pray for changed hearts of many! I pray to stay on the right path away from drugs and prison. I pray for housing to go through and be near college. I also pray to find somewhere that helps do dental work for low income. And I pray for God who is in control to put more workers into his fields like Jesus says in Mathew. Thank you for the prayers!

Shannon (2) - 09/20

I start a new job on October 2nd. Please pray God uses me to minister to others and that I am able to live in Gods confidence

Herman (2) - 09/20

Hi, i live in Oregon and had a pretty good job until the company decided to relocated to Bellevue washington and i turned down the offer because i wanted to be with my wife and daughter and after 2 months my wife kick me out of the house and since then i am struggling having a job and a place to stay i tried joinning a trade school but no success please pray for me if i need to go to a different state or where the lord want me to be


Michael Reszotko (2) - 09/18

I've had some medical issues over the years which displaced me. I have attended many job fairs at Willowcreek and elsewhere.

I lost my home in Lake In The Hills and landed a job at McCormick Place. I got a cortisone shot and ended up in a nursing home due to infection. Can't make this up. I finally after years of struggle and, pounding the pavement I get a break and end up with a freak infection.


I'm one month I'm homeless for sure. I have exhausted everything I worked for my entire life.. I'm 61 and apply for everything.

I hold a cdl A also and nobody will hire me because of insurance b.s. they say.


I'm losing hope.

Megan (2) - 09/18

Been searching for work for over a year and a half. Loosing steam and energy. Would love prayer for favor with an employer so I can get a job soon.

dena (2) - 09/18

Pray for success in studying for the Assoc Project Manager certification.

Katherine (2) - 09/18

I’m looking for work and I need a job soon!!

Amy (2) - 09/17

Prayers for a job soon. I have 2 months of living expenses left. God has a path for me and I pray I will hear his voice calling and that I will edify him in my search and do what he is calling me to do.

Kinal (1) - 09/17

Father God, I’m praying to be healed from my traumas, past relationships with men, and much more. I want my present and future to be fruitful, peaceful, content, joyous, and effortless love. I pray my life be way better than it is in Jesus Name. amen!

Madeline (2) - 09/15

Healing and wisdom about next step with benign mass. Wisdom to follow God's Will on this job search!

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