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Latest Prayer Requests

James (2) - 07/15

I pray God bless the works of my hands

Alpha L H Kinssey (2) - 07/14

Increase In the Ministry In Me, the Marriage God Gave me and every other area of my life

Caudray (2) - 07/14

Understanding the call on my life.

Lauren (2) - 07/14

PLEASE!!! Pray that my financial struggles, mental health struggles get better soon. Please pray my children can come home to me soon. Life has been pretty hard for as few years but I don't give up and I keep my faith in God! Everytime it's almost the worst i.e homelessness, jobless...etc. God comes through! Amen

LaSheba (2) - 07/14

Please stand in agreement with me that GOD WILL give me a sense of direction in every aspect of my life. It Is So! Thank you.

LaSheba (1) - 07/14

A sense of direction in every aspect of my life.

CH (3) - 07/13

I have an interview tomorrow for a new job. Over the years, I have made very poor decisions regarding finances and am asking God to help me, despite how I have managed His resources. I am deep in the pit of debt and am praying for a job I enjoy with a much better salary. I am so ashamed of the situation I have gotten myself into and have no where to turn other than to cry out to God. Thank you very much for praying for me.

Andrea (7) - 07/12

Please pray for me for the right job. I have been seeking employment for 32 months (since Oct 13, 2018). My last job environment was very bad, but I stayed and tried to find another job, but every door kept closing. I was then was laid off due to no fault of my own. I am now in transition and trying to find work.

Narai (5) - 07/12

Please pray for my brother Patson Kadaluka. He drinks and offend hurts himself when he is drunk . He always bumps his head or gets into a fight or blacks out unconscious from alcohol , he has nbeen like this for year . Please help me pray for him

So that he can know Christ’s love and salvation and also stop drinking

Phil (4) - 07/09

Please pray for my marriage and our finances. Thank you

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