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Rebekah (3) - 09/08

I just started a contract job assignment. Please pray that it lasts for several months

Amie (5) - 09/08

For my small business to take off and connect me w/someone who has established themselves in the commercial cleaning industry. Amen

stephanie (6) - 09/07

husband's sex addiction recovery

ROBERT (2) - 09/07

We really need laborers, Glass Mechanics or Apprentices who can learn the job, and we are asking God to supply, Matthew 7:7-11

ROBERT (2) - 09/07

We really need laborers, Glass Mechanics or Apprentices who can learn the job and we are asking God to supply, Matthew 7:7-11

Sandra (2) - 09/07

i am praying that the Lord help me find a place to live in the next 30 days I am desperate to find something for me and my family. the land lord just told me on last week that he is planning to sell ASAP!

Sandra Walker

770 374-5052


I do have a job that is paying less than 500.00 weekly i can pay Rent.

Thank you for your Prayers , Amen

Lena (3) - 09/06

Finding the career job that is meant for me. A career that helps families, children, teenagers, adults, and communities. I just want to feel worthy!!

Kathleen (6) - 09/04

I am a widow of two years, but had to have a lot of surgery so only this fall can I return to work. There are a lot of financial needs, but also my daughter is going through a difficult marriage and I want to be able to help with my grandkids as well as work. I ask for the income and responsibile life style and job(s) I need to make it as a single woman. I was married for almost 40 years and am really not good at managing money at all. God is helping me learn though! I pray I will be able to support myself, glorify God, and give.

Miriam (10) - 09/04

I will be going through a divorce. We have 2 children, and I need a job. Please pray that God will open the door for employment that brings resources and satisfaction, and that will give God glory.

Bryan (4) - 09/03

Find the job that God wants for me and that I follow his will wherever it takes me.

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