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Christopher (1) - 12/31

I need a prayer for my sisters Dog, her name is Hazel We don\'t really know what is wrong with her an we can\'t Afford The Vet Bills.

Her skin is scabbed all over her body to face to feet to belly to tail. She basically looks like a Zombie Her feet is Swollen an red an I don\'t know what to do.

susan (6) - 12/30

i need prayers that i dont lose my house..worked really hard for it but took a huge pay cut due to covid ..

Cindy (2) - 12/29

Please pray for God's grace and mercy and compassion...

Marie (4) - 12/27

I found a job but took a huge pay cut. I'm bored and doing entry work although experienced and degreed. I have been applying. Pls pray 2022 I will get back to where I was before layoff. In Jesus' precious name, Amen.

Manuel (1) - 12/27

I was recently laid off on 12/13/21. I am going through the application process for a small business administration loan to purchase a small business in the DFW area. This would be a blessing for my family and children. Please pray that if this is Gods will, my wife and I are approved and all goes through or that he provides direction and another way. God bless!

Manuel (1) - 12/27

I am in the process of applying for a small business administration loan to acquire a small business in the DFW area. This would be a blessing for my family and children as I was recently laid off on 12/13. Thank you and may God Bless!

Lameisha (7) - 12/27

This is going to sound really wierd and unbelievable, but I did a huge project with some horrible women in 2016 called the Ultimate Blueprint Tour and it was sabotaged and I was accused of taking money from my own project by these women that did not like me. They then proceeded to spread lies throughout Atlanta and other states to black ball me in this city. I cannot find work. Me and my children are being harassed by law enforcement and we literally do not know what to do. Please keep us in your prayers that things change soon. Clayton County sherriff is the one that listened to these lying women and began harassing me as if I was guilty of something and they never stopped nor talked to me about anything. It is completely illegal what they are doing but no one will help me.

LaQuita (3) - 12/25

Good Morning Everyone,

Thankful for another day but full of tears l Just have to hold on a little.....having faith and knowing these emotions will pass because I have witnessed plenty of times he turned my tears into JOY. Rough moment right now

Leslie (1) - 12/23

Heavenly father my prayer is that my documentation is received and renewed so I can continue to help individuals overcome their addiction.

In Jesus name by the Holy Spirit Amen.

April (1) - 12/22

Good evening everyone,

I need prayers for upcoming doctor appointment on tomorrow. Anxiety is getting the best of me, and it would be great to hear some encouraging words from the prayer network.


In return, I will be praying for you as well. Thank you in advance.

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