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Carlton (4) - 05/11

Reveal my purpose.

Restore my body to 100% health & free me of all disease.

Bless me with financial freedom, independence & abundance.

For the good of all & the harm of none.


In Jesus' name AMEN

GG PIONEERAIRE (5) - 05/07

I requesting prayer for me and family we are facing a huge financial crisis. I had on the job accident that cause my income to decrease. My son lost his job at the post office I have to have surgery in June my daughter is stressed and younger children don’t have family support. I am the sole provider for my family I am struggling to make ends meet We behind in all bills we need to move before loss our home and have no family support.

Jannie Rossouw (4) - 05/07

I need support in prayer for Father to provide me with clear guidance towards a new job and career where I can be a servant leader to gain souls for His Kingdom by applying my God given talents ,abilities and business experience in South Africa and beyond. Thank you so much!

Michelle (7) - 05/01

Healing from severe germ. Healing for daughter Dione.

Linda (2) - 05/01

Please pray for my son Branden. Waiting for adhd meds to get off backorder. Needs them to help him in his job. prayers for his dr for wisdom

Petrona (5) - 04/28

I need prayers so I can get a job so I can take care of my kids I'm in a serious situation right now where my child's father does keep disrespecting me in a lot of ways my baby is just 6 months and this been going on before I have the baby. I want to be yourself sufficient of myself that I can provide for them so I don't have to rely on him for anything sometime I feel like I just want to leave you know but I don't have money you know. I need a decent life and this is not decent I wasn't raised like this sometimes I wonder what I did wrong in life. This is my second serious relationship since I'm in America and it just seems like he's the worst thing I've done you know. My son is 6 years old I have to run leave his dad almost for you 4 years now because of abuse and he just seems like he's just the same cycle I'm running into but in a different way in some aspect because he doesn't hit me but my husband did. Is just that is the same pattern with the cheating and then all these disrespect you know stuff like that. Delicious in my name my family is saying I could come but I need money to move I don't know I'm just confused right now I don't know what to do I just need guidance and just need God to show me the way I don't know. In January I was in the dark place because I was thinking of giving up and I'm trying not to reach that place back again but I just don't know what to do I really don't. I want to give my life to the Lord cuz I'm a backslider but I can't do it living with a man and I'm not married. I need prior it's just a lot to unravel I'm conf used I don't know what to do I think it's best for me to go my Separate Ways but I can't Financial wise take care of the kids myself with all these bills and that's my biggest problem so I need some prayer I need some prayer prayer I really do. Sunday I will be dedicating my baby and I guess I'll be there by myself because he said he's not into those kind of things so right there you can see that we're not even compatible you know you're not I was raising a Godly home single mom yet but in a Godly home I was raised decent although we didn't have it like that but decency was our priority and I think I just make some around choices trying to see the best of people I'm not listening to God and I really need prayer I need prayer out of this situation I don't know if God going to change him but that's going to be a miracle I don't see myself living continue living in this life I need prayer

Lora (6) - 04/28

Prayer that I can be wait patently for the Lord to put me in the job He wants me to be in, vs just taking the first offer I get.

Darien (4) - 04/28

God has redirected my career steps and I'm seeking His vision and purpose for my life. The waiting season is growing longer and part of me feels weary, but fully trusting in God's plan and timing. Praying for open doors and discernment in whatever job opportunity He is leading me to.

Reeta (14) - 04/24

In need of a job. Praying that a job opens up soon,

Jeremy (5) - 04/24

I am actively seeking a job. I’m praying that a door opens for me soon.

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