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Tracy (3) - 12/18

I pray for the unfairness and discrimination I am experiencing at my job.I feel so stressed that its forcing me to leave.I pray for peace and open doors to a new chapter of fairness and peace in my life. Im trusting God to lead and guide me as I put my resignation in without another job lined up. God will take care of me)

Kimberly (1) - 12/17

For God to intervene on things that aren't write. Permanent housing as in a house for myself. And God's thankfulness for the things that are. Adult Sunday school class I miss you all wherever you are. Usher Board pastor Bryant. mskimberly2000@yahoo.com

Scott (2) - 12/17

Prayer, It has been a challenging and trying week for me. Please keep me in prayer. I turned in a project yesterday for my computer class. I am uncertain if it meets my instructor\'s expectations. Today is the last day of the semester. I feel stressed and I need your prayers for God to intervene in this situation. Thanks

Scott (3) - 12/17

Prayer request, Pray for restoration of my broken relationship with my family. God to heal wounds, that God\'s will be done in this situation

Michelle (2) - 12/15

To learn more of Christ which would include ending this job/no job, money/no money cycle, in Jesus’ name. Thank you.

Darika Brown (3) - 12/14

I want to pray that Stopping Cry's can continue donating to the homeless youth every week. I want to pray for your help. Providing any information on how to receive funding to continue helping the homeless youth.

MVB (2) - 12/13

I am challenged, overeducated unemployed, unable to secure work, business contracts, or amicable employment in areas of expertise . Now regrouping I am studying for my mental health license. Lord help me to meet my expenses. Amen and Amen in Jesus name Phil 4*19 & Isa. 55*11

Susan (1) - 12/13

I need a new job the one i have been working for 20 years is not paying me enough anymore to pay my bills i pray i dont lose my house i pray for another job that pays more and is less stressful i pray to just have money to pay my bills and keep my house in Jesus name i pray Amen

harry (7) - 12/11


Donald (2) - 12/08

Please pray for my attitude at work to be Christ-like. This is a very busy season in retail and it\'s trying my patience. Thank you.

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