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Yoli (4) - 04/14

I ask for prayer for my son Sebastián so that he recognizes that he needs God's direction in his life, in all areas and decisions.. Thank you God.

Sarah (5) - 04/12

Prayers for my life, school and job with healings and daily happy blessings.

Gladys (4) - 04/12

God's wisdom and direction in life and in searching for a job.

What He wants me to do now in this season. Pray for family. Pray for finances and divine breakthroughs. Pray everyone is healthy, protected, full of joy, peace and whole. Praying for God's favor.

TJ (3) - 04/12

Pray for release from an abusive/retaliatory employer a job form me COVID unemployed Husband, Peace in our Marriage and an end to the Russians destruction of the Peoples of Ukraine.

Jocelyn (17) - 04/07

I am a 23 year old stay at home mom to a precious little 1 year old girl, Boston. Boston’s dad left out of nowhere with no clarity. I had some help after he left, but sadly I no longer do. My mom passed away from Covid last year and I am trying to get back on my feet to raise my little girl. I currently do not have a car or a job and cannot afford to get my daughter a sitter. I started attending the Porch in January and have rekindled my relationship with God but still struggling. Please pray for me and my daughter!

Ginger (9) - 04/07

I pray for my boyfriend as he struggles with very dark issues and the doctor trying to regulate medications. I pray for all those around me dealing with loss of loved ones and impending loss due to illness. I pray for family that struggle with issues and marital problems. I pray for strength as everyone thinks "I am the strong one."

Bill (18) - 04/05

World Peace!

Brian (12) - 04/04

Hi, I am going on my first job interview in many years this Wednesday morning. I've been somewhat isolated during the pandemic and suffer from anxiety issues. Please pray for a successful interview and that I will find a position that allows me to be successful in all the ways that God intends. Thank you!

TYESON (4) - 04/03

Pray for the Lord to use me as a servant. Also pray for a job as a Project Manager and pray for my marriage.

Joseph (gp) (4) - 04/02

Souls to be reached for Christ

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