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Shonna (2) - 08/16

Land a job that fits in God's plan for me. Lord willing to get into a habitat home and possibly get my car fixed or a new one.

Emily (2) - 08/15

Please pray for God to connect me with a Godly helpmate that I can walk through life with. It gets tough doing it alone!!

Elizabeth (1) - 08/15

May our Lord God direct my steps in my career, may he reveal to me and give me the strength defeat fear and move on.

Judith (2) - 08/14

Employment, automobile, finances and a home. Thank you and God Bless.

Judith (2) - 08/14

Employment, automobile, finances and a home. Thank you and God Bless.

Kent (1) - 08/09

I received this message in response to my prayer request but there was no link attached.

Hello Kent, we are praying for God to give you peace of mind as you trust in him for your financial situation and job transition. We know that God cares deeply for us, knows all of our needs, and will answer our prayers in his perfect way and perfect timing. If you would like personalized career support, we have Crossroads Career Guides available who would love to speak with you about your specific needs. They can pray for you and encourage you, as well as assist you with networking, interviewing and resume help. If you are interested in having a free 45 minute consultation with one of these experienced Career Guides, please click this link and fill out the form.

Christine (3) - 08/09

I am requesting prayer for a career which affords me to live the lifestyles of others above poverty. I am also requesting prayer for a home. it does not have to be a mansion, but I need excess to complete my goals for retirement. Last but not least I am in need of prayer regarding my health. I need the aches and pains to go away, and find a way to keep them away. I know this is a lot, but these are the things that I need prayer for. Bless &Thank you in advance.

Kent (3) - 08/08

Keep my mind set on God and His faithfulness in the struggle to get a new job. Our income has gone down as the cost of living has gone up. He will provide so we thank you in advance Lord! Amen!

Kelly (3) - 08/08

Finances & favor in my job search. as well as a dependable car

Megan (4) - 08/08

Needing work soon as things are getting tight financially. Would really covet prayers for favor and that God would give me full time work.

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