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Latest Prayer Requests

Manny (2) - 10/04

There is a delay in the new job I was supposed to start last month. Please pray for deliverance for our family as I seek other opportunities while waiting in the unknown.

Cindy (2) - 10/03

Please pray for God's compassion...

Andrea (4) - 09/27

Pray for my daughter, she has a series of upcoming interviews.

Andrea (3) - 09/27

Pray for my daughter, she has a series of upcoming interviews.

Beverly (4) - 09/27

That my husband can know his worth and who God says he is rather than replay the lies others have told him. I pray he can find a new job where he uses his gifts, talents and skills to bring glory to God! Please Lord provide for us and give him the courage to walk by faith and overcome his fear of rejection.

Robert (3) - 09/27

I lost my Mortgage Underwriting job back in June. The company went bankrupt. I have been trying daily to find a new job. I have met up with rejection and people trying to scam me. Please pray I will find the appropriate job soon. Thank you. Amen

Chris (3) - 09/27

Please pray that I would be able to find a job more suitable to my creative and intellectual talents, that provides opportunity for significant growth and operates in a less toxic, more edifying environment.

Karen (9) - 09/25

I just got laid off from a job I poured my heart and life to. I had been sensing I needed to leave for a while now but now that I’ve been terminated I’m still not sure what’s next. pray for God’s leading and a job that is healing and not a toxic shaming environment where I can grow to be who God desires me to be. I felt relieved when I was terminated and know it’s redirection for something better, but I also struggling with internalizing this termination to something being wrong with me.

Faith (3) - 09/23

Algin me to bless others to find new jobs and careers.

Eli (5) - 09/22

I have 2 job interviews tomorrow and an assessment test all day Friday. I need Gods grace, knowledge and wisdom. that he opens the door, If one of these jobs is for me.

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