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Michele (2) - 11/26

Please pray for my daughter Angela to come back home and fix our family back again she moved out babpeople influence d her I need my miracle.

edith (1) - 11/26

my God i pray u send my guardian angels and get these people n kalamzoo of my back i pleadand apply the blood of jesus my God please rescue from this sanario demonic assaults helples hopeles delays sicknes abuse sexual abuse homeles poverty n jesus name i ask sos please hurry get me out of this thankk u

edith (1) - 11/26

my God please cancel untimely death helpless hopeless sicknes betrayal curses holts delays financial abuse discrimination racism generational curses demonic assaults and attacks demonic sacrifices i plead and i pplay the bloos of jesus tahnk u jesus today Amen please my God help i activate my guardian angels and destiny helpers and divine helpers n jesus name i ask Amen thank u jesus sos Amen

Jazmyn (1) - 11/25

Praying for all who needs encouragement during this fallen world, asking for wisdom and continuing strength during my family endurance and trial. Thankful for reference of New Birth and I’m excited to visit in person. XoxO

FP (6) - 11/23

Hello everyone,


I ask that you may pray for me that I may have some Christian friends. I am a fairly new believer and I lack Christian friends to support and guide me. I know its crucial to have a community of believers to support you. As a college student, I pray that I may become friends with other young Christian adults. I pray for the compassion, guidance, wisdom, etc. Thank you.

Sean (1) - 11/22

Please help e pray that I can have access to my social security benefits with my payee organization. Quest is my payee organization. They won't pay my first months's deposit and rent.Their address is 878 Rock Street.

Atlanta, GA 30314. They're at rock st. and joseph e. lowery.Her name is olivia nightingale.I'm trying to get quest to pay my dep. and 1st month's rent and utilitiies. I get $1027.00/month. phone: 678-509-4021.

valerie (3) - 11/22

Please pray for my husband. He needs God to deliver him from fear and anxiety. I\'m afraid he\'s going to have a mental break down. He needs a complete touch from God.

sean (1) - 11/21

678-509-4021.i served at new birth in 1996-97.i finished new members' class.i was briefly in choir.assisted ray in genesis aids ministry.i've had hiv since then.i do gospel art.ready to repent and serve again.

Rita (1) - 11/21

My family included daughters, to order my steps in your word God .remember any that is stopping my process in Elevating me in the Lords word and works. God bless all the Pastors of New BIRTH at my God give you’ll 100 for your Amazing leader ship. Thank you in Jesus name. Amen

Sopuruchi (1) - 11/16

Need prayer to secure employment, stability in life , unification with my family and God guided wisdom decision making.

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