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Latest Prayer Requests

DAK (2) - 04/13

Thank you for all that you have provided to myself and family. I pray for your guidance in my job search. I also pray that I can identify $ to keep us all moving forward while I seek employment. Please help me to let You help me and encourage me and guide me in the direction You need me to follow.

Llana (6) - 04/11

Prayers for guidance and the Lord's will in my job search during a career transition. Also asking for prayers that the right evening remote job will become available for my husband during his search.

Heidi (5) - 04/10

Will you pray for the right job opportunity to open up for me? I am located in an area where there are not many opportunities for my kind of work experience/skills/calling, yet I\'m in an area that desperately needs the light of Christ. Thanks so much!

Natarsha Whaley (6) - 04/09

I'm tired of suffering in silence. I want to walk in my passion. I want to be able to hear God. My family and I joined the church a couple months ago. I on the right pace to getting my life back together. Now I'm in this dark place and its killing me. I need help

Jihad (4) - 04/08

My prayer is for God to guide me and correct me If I make mistakes. Help to give us purpose and be able to add value to each other.

LaQuita (4) - 04/07

Lord, I want to take the time to thank you for it all. Please direct me to my design to not only expand my life but the lives of those I come in contact with. After separating a year ago, I have vow to only trust my father to lead me and build up the character that's going to break generations curses.

Jimmy (6) - 04/06

I need the Lord's help in finding a good job that fits the needs of me and my family. Preferably a remote position.

Sally (6) - 04/05

For God to guide me

Gitzel (4) - 04/05

So that I may find a better paying job that supports my 2 kids and I. I recently have undergone a separation with my child's father and have been struggling with bills on my own since the last week of March. I am past due on a few bills and my current job doesn't pay me enough to cover and I do not have anybody to watch my kids so that I may work a 2nd job.

Meagan (5) - 04/03

To find work whether it is in California or Texas. Waiting on the Lord but growing restless.

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