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Christina (2) - 06/14

Standing at the crossroads, I am seeking the Lord through prayer to lead me upon the ancient paths of righteousness and to walk in them. As I seek employment after so many years of the Lord carrying me, I ask for my Heavenly Father to bless me with the way to Serve Him through work that will directly bless the Kingdom of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Prayers for the leading of this career to serve Him to come soon, to be adequate financial blessing and to work from home so I may continue to be a loving & caring mother.

Timothy (2) - 06/13

I just want to Praise the Lord for the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Because of Jesus Christ, God the Father, has granted even to me, a former Gentile, and sinner, repentance that leads to life. Now, I am a child of God, and I am forever thankful to the great God and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Richard (2) - 06/11

After 7 1/2 years my disabling chronic hemiplegic migraines that were averaging 8 attacks per week for a few years completely stopped. Coincidentally the last one ended an hour before my wife of 43+ years died. My mind, emotions, and body have been healing. After five months I healed enough to get my driver's license back. Now after a year I am looking to get at least part time employment. My children think my technical work of nearly 40 years prior to being disabled (see Richard D. Blaha in LinkedIn - if permitted to be mentioned here) contributed to my migraines. I'm not sure if my work should be in ministry of the labor force or home based work. I definitely need the income, just not sure how God would have my current income supplemented. Thank you.

Moriah (2) - 06/10

I’m in the middle of a job transition. The last job left a bit of a sting Im working through. I’d really like my next job to work and be less stressful, I can get along well with coworkers and have job security. I’m hoping perhaps I can learn things from my last job.


Prayers through all these points please.

Kristie (3) - 06/08

I’ve been seeking a career change for the past two years. A year ago I took a leap of faith and accepted a new job. It wasn’t what it presented to be. I had to leave. Now I am feeling stuck working a job that is less satisfying in what I do and the money I make. I am not sure of what to do next and need prayers. I feel stuck and unsure.

Michelle (2) - 06/05

Please pray for recovery for Mother Nicole and her two children Levi and his sister who were in a car accident in Peoria IL they are all currently in intensive care. Their grandmother and Nicoles mother died from the accident.


Thank you

Arjun Doulos (2) - 06/05

I am Arjun Doulos,I am from Nepal.We have small gathering here in my room

.We are about 20 people.we need a worship place,We are searching but it's expensive,we can't afford it's rent.Please Pray for our needs.We need good guitar also.Thank you.

Alonzo (3) - 06/02

Still seeking employment that will not be to stressful on my body. I have been in the same industry for 30 years now and my body and mind needs to do something that will allow me a bit more control of my schedule and life. Thank you.

Michael (2) - 06/01

That I may speak from Christs heart to the people listening in to tomorrow mornings Crossroads Webinar about why I love Crossroads and have volunteered for many years to facilitate our classes.

Lee (3) - 06/01

I need to find an affordable,safe place to live with my lil dog Bubbs.

Widowed in 2020 and lost my best friend,and my home.

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