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Latest Prayer Requests

Raven (1) - 11/16

I need prayer for stability. I need a job to support my eight year old son. Times are hard, I've been a faithful servant, and I'm asking for favor.

Princecia (1) - 11/15

Afternoon thank you for taking the time in praying for me. I am still seeking full time employment while I work a contract job in the meantime as a single parent. I need prayer for strength as I am exhausted since I dont get much of a break and learning how to be grateful for everything bc I know some people have it worse than I do. I want to be a light to the lost people and surrender my desires/wants/hurts/disappointments to the alter for the Lord to overcome them.


Be blessed

Bill (3) - 11/11

Pray for another incoming to support my family.

Kent (1) - 11/10

Praying to just be of service and help others have a better day

Bruce (7) - 11/10

Prayers for direction with my finances. The debt continues to grow.

Isaac (3) - 11/08

I request a team to prayer for me for tranquility and good health for both me and my country men and women

John (5) - 11/08

I'm not able to find a job. I'm 59. I wear two cochlear implants to hear because I'm deaf. I can get interviews, but when the company sees my age and the weird things on my head, I'm out. It's been three years since my last "real" job. I'm sick of it and I don't know what to do.

Ida (4) - 11/07

I have been diagnosed with cancer. I ask that you Pray for my healing and peace of mind

Demetrius (2) - 11/07

My prayer request is that God remove everything that is not for my Good and his kingdom also that he put his arms around my kids and there mother's also help my cleaning business grow where it will benefit the kingdom of God

Demetrius stanback (3) - 11/07

I'm praying that God show me how to get closer to him and become the Man of God he want me to be for his kingdom of heaven

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