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Latest Prayer Requests

Cindy (1) - 07/31

Please pray that I can get some sound sleep...thank you kindly...

Ali (3) - 07/30

I need prayer to find a job

Ann (2) - 07/29

Please pray the Lord will be done in me and good friend and cousin job search. They are about to be evicted and no place to go and no job. I have been underemployed all my life and am by myself need a better income and a job I like.

Marsha (2) - 07/29

I'm paying bills with credit cards placing me further into debt. 10 months of job searching, attending networking events, meetings, one on ones, resume reworks......etc. I'm at a lost. I need God to move right now. Please pray for me. I'm so down and depressed and feel hopeless. I believe in God's power but this has tested my faith. I know it is not in my power, but his to change my situation. Thanks.

Leila (3) - 07/28

Dear Lord, I pray for me to be able to find the right jog with the best director.

Catalina (3) - 07/25

Dear Lord I pray you bring my daughter Sophia back home in the right path . Protect her huyes her to always choose God s path his will !

I pray for my health and that with my chemo treatments , a good outcome will ari e at my door

Prayers for my family to bring us back together !

In hour grace

We are

Amen !

Michelle (4) - 07/25

Please pray that I will find the right job, and that it will be one that brings me joy and makes God proud. Thank you.

Matthew (4) - 07/25

Seeking prayers that I will be led to the Job he has planned for me sooner rather then later. That my resume/application can make it to the top of the stacks. That I not be fueled by anxiety and fear, but filled with his promises and truths.

Marsha (9) - 07/22

I asked quite a few months ago to pray for a job. I'm back again, still no job, finances tanked, depressed and relying on God but I've heard any thing on what to do. I don't have friends or relatives I can go to for financial assistance. I've exhausted credit cards....etc. I'm on food stamps and going to food banks to get supplemental food. I've never had to get public assistance before in my life. I've been on about 10 interviews, landed with a contract company but no jobs yet for me. I've been actively in job networks 3 x's weekly, doing everything I know to land a permanent right now job. Please pray for me for a job and for God to help me get a way out of my financial situation and how to repair my credit at this point. My faith has been tested. I'm trying my best not to stress but I do. I pray and plead with God and Icry most days the majority of the day. It's hard getting a job especially when you are older but I know all things are possible. I believe it, just don't understand what to do for my situation and with my life. Thank you for your prayers again.

Brynn (4) - 07/22

Please pray for me to have God's guidance discovering my purpose and passion during my job search.

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