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Latest Prayer Requests

Alicia (2) - 09/11

Paying for continuos strength of our family. Rent, food, bills and all other necessities will be covered effortlessly and abundantly SOON.

Angela (2) - 09/10

We are praying for a church home. Moved from NC to Conyers. Pastored for over 25 years. Want a church that we can work on instead of sitting in the pews.

Zenaida Ross (2) - 09/09

Please pray for me I’m 64 years Filipino woman looking for a place to live in. I’m in a very tight budget, even a tiny room will be appreciated. Please pray for me. Thank you . God bless.

Nicole (2) - 09/09

My grandmother told me that there is strength in numbers. Well, i need your prayers because i need to manifest a miracle. Please pray for me and it if not being to forward, share this link www.gofundme.com/qz3vb-nicoles-urgent-housing-crisis

I saw the video when Pastor Bryant was explaining about tithing and asked the young lady if she needed $100. that's what inspired me to as for prayer. I remember Pastor when he was in Baltimore. At first i used to watch on tv but then we started driving from philly to baltimore every sunday to attend his church. that was a long time ago. If you could please pray that i am able to find our keep this house for my children and I and also pray for the healing of my kids and my family . These last 2 years have been beyond rough. Thank you for reminding me to keep my head up and just believe

Eileen (4) - 09/07

Please pray that my husband finds a job asap as we’re in danger of losing our home. Please pray that we can find a way to pay rent and our utilities.

Hellen (5) - 09/05

Rent be paid with no problem next month and funds come in to support living and food. Right opportunity comes by and prayer for support in all aspects-- emotional, mental, financial.

Julia (6) - 09/03

I've been unemployed before the Pandemic, companies who interviewed me said I've been out of the job market for too long, they won't consider me.

The rent in San Diego is rising everyday, what I paid for for a 2 bedroom apartment is only good enough to rent a studio apartment. Please pray that I find a great job and a great apartment to live soon. Thank you.

Zenaida (2) - 09/02

Please pray for me to find a long term caregiving job not only a reliever but permanent. God bless. Thank you.

Cori (6) - 08/31

I pray for a home for my child and I. May he provide shelter for us.

Debra (4) - 08/31

First I want to thank you for praying for me. I am getting more and more depressed the longer I don\'t have employment. During my depression I have found myself drinking. I don\'t want to drink. I want a job. Please pray that I would step away from the wine and move back to prayer. I want God, not alcohol. Please. Thank you and God bless you.

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