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Brenda (3) - 08/31

I lost my job in Atlanta last April. I had just enough severance to finish out my lease and move to Florida, whee a dear friend took me in. I’m looking for a job, but cannot seem to find an appropriate position. All prayers would be appreciated.

Cindy (1) - 08/31

Please pray for God's grace and mercy...

Alec (3) - 08/29

In May 2018 I graduated from American University in Washington, D.C with a BA in Film and Media Arts. I then interned for a church in the DC area as a Creative Media Protege. It was going extraordinarily well. However, six months in I was struggling mentally and emotionally with past trauma and mental health battles. I ultimately hit rock bottom and had to come back home. For three years I sought counseling and worked at my hometown Chick-fil-A in NC to get back on my feet. During this time I prayed for discernment and Godly counsel about going to seminary to help those just like me. Last Monday I drove halfway across the country to Dallas to start my Masters in Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary. I'm still praying for a full time job preferably in videography/editing to glorify God through storytelling. I'm anxious, yet hopeful that the Lord will provide. Thank you.

Tasia (4) - 08/28

Praying to be placed in a job role this week in my career field of accounting and finance.

Karen (5) - 08/25

I asked for prayer for my sister & I for financial provision & employment on 8/22. Yesterday I received a full time job offer & my sister received a part time offer today. Thank you Lord and also for all of your prayers.. We are still in need of financial provision and possibly a 2nd job for my sister to support ourselves. We want to do God\'s will in our lives. Thank you!!!

Kenneth (4) - 08/22

Join me in prayer for God to restore his joy and peace to my soul. Recently I've been really really low emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Most days I'm just making it through the day. I know that all of this confusion and frustration was caused by my actions. Im tired of going through the motions and want to meet Jesus but I'm afraid to meet God.

Michelle Small (6) - 08/22

I am asking for prayers helping me move forward with my future. I am currently unemployed and have no idea where to go from here. I am also financially in the toilet because I\'ve been unemployed for the last 2 months. I have been praying everyday in hopes that God will help guide me to my destiny and for His purpose and will for my life

Cassidy (8) - 08/22

I need prayers to find employment.

Karen (4) - 08/22

I would appreciate prayer for my sister Kathleen and I for financial provision and for employment. Thank you very much.

Diane (2) - 08/21

Please pray for the health of my family and friends in mind, body, and spirit, and that they will all be on the road to holiness. Also, for Brother Joseph’s intentions while waiting for his Ordination in October and beyond. I also need help with discernment- if the Lord would like us to ‘stay put’ in the home we’re in, or sell. And if so, where would He like us to move too? And where would He like us to work, including, our sons and future careers? As always, please pray for our faithful departed loved ones and all the Poor Souls in Purgatory. For myself, husband, two sons, and family members/friends, that they live according to Your Divine Will. I lift up all our intentions and pray for our Holy Families protection for all of us, at all times, in every sense. God bless.

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