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Latest Prayer Requests

Tecori (3) - 01/08

What is God calling me to do I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be doing something I want to know what God has built me for so I can get to work

D.Sam (3) - 01/07

Please pray for I will be laid off at the end of February. I have two grown kids to take care of.

Erwin David (2) - 01/06

Marriage, looking for new Job, I wanna serve God

Lorenzo Ervin (5) - 01/02

My bank have a block on my account and I cannot get my money to pay my bill I ask you to pray to God that they will release my money I mean they will release my money and remove the block off my account so I can get my money to pay my bills

Lorenzo (2) - 01/02

The bank have a block on my account where I cannot get no money I asked you to pray to God that day will release the block off my account so I will be able to get my money and pay my bills

Tess (7) - 12/30

Jan 6th I have an interview for a promotion. Praying for God\'s will. Your suggestions and guidance added to the peace I have about the outcome.

Thank you for praying along with me. May the Lord use me to benefit those I work with to the best of my abilities.

Cindy (3) - 12/30

Please pray for a miracle and His mercy...

Bay (6) - 12/28

Please pray for te improvement of my health, and pray for the improvement of my finances. I a 2 months behind in my rent and received an eviction notice. I was out of wo for 2 months since my health declined.Once my health improves, I want to relocate to Georgia so I can be apart of Newbirth in person and use my gifts and talents. Amen

Shante (9) - 12/23

I’m praying for employment and more than enough income to help pay down my bills and debt that is piling up and to pay my mortgage so that I don’t go into foreclosure by the end of the year. Amen.

Suzy (8) - 12/21

For the first time in my career, I find myself struggling to land my next contract. My name is Suzy Gordon, single mother of two Harley 7 and Maverick 16. I have 20+ years working in IT Engineering, my job title is an "Agile Coach" (Evangelist for Agility and Change in get work place). I lost my job September 28, 2022 and while I do collect unemployment its merely enough to pay for day to day living expenses. I am talking to a whole lot of recruiters but that's it.. "I keep hearing, first or second week of Jan". My credit is ruined! I own that :(. However my kids and I need this roof..

Methodist Church in Royse City donated some Christmas gifts for Maverick and Harley.

Mommy has to work on keeping the lights on..


$3,838.71 First Key Homes - Rent for Oct, Nov and Dec

$3,1111.96 Ally Fin - Oct, Nov and Dec

$450.00 AT&T bill

$ 130 Royse City water - past due

$250 Green Mountain Due in Jan

There are potentially two gigs and offers, I am waiting to see if I get asked to the 3rd and final interview.

In the mean time though, your positive vibes, prayers and leads for financial assistance would be nice.

Thank you for listening and thank you for praying for us. 214-994-4405 Suzy.Gordon@outlook.com

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