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Marlena (2) - 06/27

Please pray for me. I helped my partner of almost 7 years build his company, nurse him through a

mild heart attack, hernia surgery, severe bleeding ulcers, projectile vomiting for 6 of those years, recurring flus and a stroke and endure all manner of verbal abuse from his non present, non helping family members. During that time we purchase three properties and some land to build our future home on. he's clear of his medical crisis and has made a lot of money. Unfortunately he's told me he no longer wants me as his life partner and that he's been seeing women on the side. He fired me from my position at the company, said I had gotten old and fat and my skin color was no longer what he nor his children and their mother wanted for him. He's left me with no money, owing money that he used for himself and for the company. He says he's keeping all the properties we acquired while we were together and insisted I move out so that he can "entertain." I sleept in my car for two weeks. He says I can come back to the mobile home for a few weeks . he's putting it up for sale. He also informed me the company that we built to $100Million dollars was now gutted out. I am asking The Lord to keep my heart clear of offense and unforgiveness, to strengthen me and to give me a clean heart that is whole. Pray for Dave's repentance and salvation. Pray for me to get the much needed work and housing.

I am a tither and I know that God does sees and does not forget.

God bless you

Thank you in advance for your prayers.


Marlena (1) - 06/27

Please pray for my daughter Christina, who's experience a series of devastating occurrences. The most recent one, she was openly ridiculed, insulted and fired for doing what was right. She is a single mother of 3 children. She is angry and has turned her back on God.

Candace (2) - 06/27

Pray for my son John Lawrence, Relocated to DC for job. The Organization has laid him off. Pray new position and opportunity with more income.

Brittany (4) - 06/22

Please keep my husband and I in prayer. I was laid off back last Fall and I was finally blessed with a new role a few months ago, however, I unexpected lost my position this week. The income that I lost is much needed. Please pray that I will receive a much needed God driven career much sooner than anticipated that will bring needed income and be a Kingdom building role for God\'s glory. Thank you!

Rolma (2) - 06/21

Please pray for as I want to something which help me to heal my heart.

Kristin (3) - 06/21

Please pray for me as we go through this season of unemployment. Thank you that unemployment is approved and for clarity in my job search-what I want and am skilled to do.

Nikki (2) - 06/20

Please pray for me that i get this job with the bank. My interview is about to start. Please pray that i do well

don (3) - 06/20

Please Pray for me as I try to understand what God\'s plan for me is. I want to align my purpose with his will and I am struggling to hear his voice and understand his purpose for me. Thank you Lord you are all that is good and great in my life, Amen

Phil (3) - 06/15

Pray for me as I go through the job-calling transformation and moments when I feel discouraged. I believe that God has a plan in place already by faith!

Cindy (2) - 06/15

Please pray for healing and restoration...thank you so much...

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