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Rema (0) - 03/24

Praying for my family to be saved

Rema (0) - 03/24

Praying for my family to be saved

Kerstin (0) - 03/24

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Yuliana (7) - 03/22

Christ helps me find an Ideal job that works with me grad school where I feel the Lord’s provision and peace . In Jesus Christ holy name amen.

Connor (9) - 03/20

That I would receive healthy food and water.

Joseph (5) - 03/19

I'm praying for provision to pay off my schooling as an International Student. I also pray for well paying job and an employer to petition me in the future for me to stay in the US as a permanent resident. I may be able to accomplish all the school requirements like assignments and other deadlines so I may be of help to others. I also pray to be a part of the Shepherd team someday. In Jesus Name. Amen!

Racqueal (5) - 03/18

requesting the removal of any setbacks or anything holding me down from God's plan. Remove all burdens and worries. Seeking an opening for the alignment of work and the ability to move out from my current situation.

April (6) - 03/16

Good Afternoon,

I need prayers and encouragement right now. I\'m going through a trial and need guidance on my next steps.

Fay (6) - 03/14

That my job will stop taking advantage or abusing of me and allow me to move to a better position. Would like see if the Lord wants me to get more training and in what area and provide scholarships and grants and mentors

Tony (2) - 03/14

That God will give me favor and the words to say at my networking meeting today.

That it will lead me a step closer to the right person to connect with in the company.

That I would be able to help this person and company as well.

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