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LILLIE (0) - 10/30

Thank you for offering prayers. Need a job in worst way that offers salary that I can actually live on, and includes Medical. Thank you!

Christian (3) - 10/29

I've been laid off for the third time this year. The oil/gas industry is just so unpredictable. And this time hurts the worst. I've struggled to find any work outside of the oil/gas industry; I've been looking for two years straight and only landed two interviews. Had a resume service re-do my resume early this year, but still no hits. Not sure how to chart a path forward for my career.

C (3) - 10/29

Prayer request: is that the Holy Spirit Will give us all the words, quotes , experiences, sermon note and above all Biblical verses to share when we read others' prayer request. For it is so easy to care but be helpless when reading such LORD sized request.

Eric wiedlund (2) - 10/29

appreciate prayers. Today I am flying for an interview happening tomorrow morning. appreciate prayers for protection and strength and wisdom for travel and the interview tomorrow. thanks.

Carolyn (1) - 10/28

Please pray for my family and my adult Son who is helping me since I've been unemployed during the Pandemic. Thanks so much.

Carolyn (3) - 10/28

Please pray for my family and that I'm able to obtain a job. I've been unemployed for several months living with my son.

C (3) - 10/28

I'm expecting a job offer for a position I'm not sure I will be successful at and I'm not sure I want. I need discernment and peace to make the right decision.

Jeff (3) - 10/28

Discernment. Two jobs applying for each would be a good career. Resume helper crashes. Fighting vertigo and other issues from concussion. Prospective buyers for house coming Thursday. Work is overwhelming preparing to move offices and connecting network along with trying to prepare for moving to Winter Haven to help my dad. Ugg. Jesus you are in control.

Bryan (4) - 10/27

Third Job loss in as many years.

Carolyn (3) - 10/26

Prayers that I overcome my current job loss situation and that I am able to find a new job and find my way through this difficult time.

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