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Latest Prayer Requests

Theresa (5) - 10/21

Please pray for just the right job for me and my family. Thank you.

Marrina Meyers (5) - 10/21

hello everyone. I am not sure if my last prayer posted but if not here it is... I need prayer for the Lord to open doors for job opportunities, housing I need to move out, and what he wants me to do with my gift of writing he has given me. I need immediate provision now so that I can work on building my writing on the side. Thank you in advance and may the Lord bless you all as well as this network!

Sunitha (1) - 10/21

I wish to become a prayer partner with this ministry.

KL (5) - 10/17

I need to move from where I currently live soon and having difficulty finding a new place to live. Please pray for me a new place to live also that it is safe and affordable. I am also considering getting a roommate and would like God to select the right person, bring us together and if that is not the best plan for me than lead me to the right place to live on my own.

Vickie Gladieux (5) - 10/17

Jessica Duke (jhalicryan@gmail.com) My daughter has lots of health concerns, including lupus. she has been out of work for a few years now and really needs to go back. however, her health is limiting her abilities to find a job. Please pray for her, that she gets the healing needed, in order to be able to get a job to support her family. Thank you so much, Vickie

George (3) - 10/15

I need a good job where I can be individual contributor to develop that organization. And also my son in India now , he is going to US embassy for his student visa. Kindly pray for him to get it and come to US and continue his education. If possible call me. Cell#(717) 712-6497

Bruce (7) - 10/13

We are expanding and seeking partnership with entreprenuerial minded individuals, or Apprentices who treasure ownership and wish to face the challenges, and we are asking God to supply, Matthew 7:7-11

Valerie (2) - 10/13

Hello, I need a financial miracle. I have investments but I truly need them to come through for me. I also need home based employment that does not include using the phone. I have searched and searched for transcription work, call monitoring work or quality assurance work. Thank you.

Gema (3) - 10/12

I find (or the job finds me) where I can use my Graphic Design skills and am surrounded by a good/healthy community so I can live out the purpose the Lord has for me.

Quincy (3) - 10/11

That I can find a good, stable job to free me from constant worry.

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