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Latest Prayer Requests

Jacques (0) - 09/29

I'm hoping to find purpose and meaning in my life. I have a qualified background yet have not had any opportunities. It's demeaning and I don't know what to do next. I'm feeling hopeless. Thank You everyone.

Senia (1) - 09/28

Need prayers to find a job moved out of state and now I’m back unable to find work. Please help me pray for a full time position.

Laura (2) - 09/26

Please and thank you: prayer request: employment that I can work around my four and five years old schedule. One child only does a half day. I need employment that pays decent to support my children and I. I am a single mother. I receive no support from the biological dad. I am facing eviction. I have looked for employment, something that I can do from home and work around my children’s day to day. I have yet to find anything solid about that is not a call center. My health is taking a toll. Stress, I need help.

Frank (2) - 09/26

I lost my job due to my unsatisfied performance, I do not want it to border me to find a new job, but it have been 50 days now

Jill (2) - 09/26

In need of a steady job . Hopefully as quick as possible. Need unemployment to be fixed on their end. Had a horrible experience with the previous company and just need to move on.

Nancy (1) - 09/24

Pray for Daniel and I. We see each other this year. No more separation but restoration. That he communicates more. We are in different countries. That we will finally get married.

Nancy (1) - 09/24

Pray for Daniel and I please. We live in different countries. Pray that we no longer be separated. He said he will come see me this year. That God opens doors for his flight. No third party or obstacles interfere. That we get married. That God restores our relationship.

Sherrie (2) - 09/23

Please pray for Jerrod and Magnus. They need help. Thank you.

KaShari (1) - 09/21

Prayers please for my Big sister. Shes having trouble with her faith and her body image and other adult issues. i fear for her falling away from the faith. she struggles with reading the bible on a consistent basis/routine. She knows that's the issue ,but is afraid/distracted/hyper focused on things that don't matter to her health or spiritual well-being. I love her and shes like my best friend. I don't want to see her get over-taken by the world, again.

Lynda Baker (1) - 09/21

I would like a job to support my family. I\'m having trouble keeping the faith and preparing. So many rejections. I\'m 61 and believe I may be the looked over because I\'m not young and cute anymore. I\'m feeling beat down. Thank you. I have abandonment issues with God, but maybe you don\'t, so I\'m grateful you are there.

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