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Donald (0) - 01/25

Please pray for me as I seek a transfer with my employer to a different location in a new state. I need much wisdom and peace in this situation. I desire to be a blessing to others in

this move/transfer. Thank you.

Anthony (0) - 01/23

Hello thank you I am married and I was working for Uber long exhausting hours little pay still grateful. Been with Uber for 4years turning 62 on 2/8 :I have decided I can't do UBER any more. I have been driving for 20 years that's all I know. My life has been driving. However I have great financial responsibility cannot do unemployment, janitor work I have been thinking. My Red sea is sons tuition 1200.00 month pocket cash 125.00 a week for son - 3 carnotes , car insurance, no life insurance and rent 1050.00. Uber has been a blessing but I am run down and fatigued. Before Uber, personal private clients I drove and before this Chicago Medicar as Supervisor driving trainer and driver. 62 now still have these responsibilities. I don't now what to do my wife is a prayer and tither she is much more active than I am concerning the walk of Faith. I know I cannot do anything unless God has allowed me to do so... Our marriage has been strained because of the way I have done or made decisions. My wife makes enough to pay half the rent and her car note. We are reconciling she has asked me to apologize haven't strong willed: and I know everything; I'm messed up in my thoughts. My age has caught up and the wear and tare of driving all those years. Before all of this God saved me from the streets Heroin and Crack , stealing robbing in and out of jail 25 years of my life 16yrs old until 39 years old last day of prison guilty yes But God delivered me and I have not returned to that life...Nor did I have to do anytime the last bid. Guilty went free and never returned to that life. My wife wanted to divorce in 2018, we separated for 7 months reconciled, I moved out in September of 2021 we decided to downsize son went off to college August 2021 my wife uncertain if she wanted to move forward with me staying at our former apt.still with her daughter. She has decided to move with me Feb.7th 2022. Thanks for reading God bless.

Patricia (3) - 01/22


I was laid off on Friday, January 21st,

I am my only income in my household. Please pray for abundant provision of my needs, and all needs be met.

Thank you and my God bless us all. Amen.

Olivia (0) - 01/20

Please pray for me as I've entered into 2022 with 2 careers. I want to be a successful real estate and a successful Transplant/Trauma Nurse while following God's path! I have fear of failing. I've been a nurse for many years but both these positions are new for me. I'm still trying to figure out what is a best approaxh to take with real estate. I've reached out to some successful business people because I would like a mentor but no one has reached out and it is discouraging mw

Jessica (0) - 01/20

Please pray for me about my new job training.

Thank you

Lynn (0) - 01/19

Stronger in God to seek his word to cover my family in his grace and mercy. employment and my children safety and guidance. Heal us from the inside and out.

Travis (0) - 01/19

Requesting ...Restoration for my marraige to be the Husband and Man of God,im very passive,need to seek God more,need complete healing in my mind and heart for God

Travis (0) - 01/19

Requesting ...Restoration for my marraige to be the Husband and Man of God,im very passive,need to seek God more,need complete healing in my mind and heart for God

Travis (0) - 01/19

Im asking for Restoration again,kinda wavered from God,dont want to be carnally minded,Restore my marraige,complete healing

Ruth (4) - 01/14

Prayer for salary increase and God\'s direction on where to live, peaceful neighborhood.

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