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Latest Prayer Requests

Greg (0) - 07/04

Greg- full time employment

Deb - healing

Karen - stage 4

Marie - stage 4

John healthy heart and lungs

God please.

April (0) - 07/04

Jesus take the wheel.

Greg (1) - 07/03

Full time employment. Healing of Karen and Marie of stage 4.

Michael (1) - 07/03

Please pray for guidance, wisdom, patience and the perseverance to follow God's promptings as I search for a new job. God is in control and pray for trust and patience to wait on God's time frame. I pray for energy and enthusiasm to continue interviewing, networking and maintain a positive attitude as job opportunities move forward with other individuals.

Preshus Shelton (1) - 07/02

Please pray for my transition to the Georgia are to be successfully, come into agreement with me that the Heavenly Father will open up a door of employment and residence for the will he has sent me in that direction to accomplish. Thank You Preshus Shelton

MaggieJ (1) - 07/02

Pray in thanksgiving for all His mercies and that I am blessed with contracts to offer leadership development and training to businesses for the leadership and teams as the re-start business and look to retool their teams. Thanking God.

Edward Jones (3) - 06/30

Please pray i have colon rectal cancer,and no means of income cant work due to illness,and am in need of place to live,sold everything I had to get this far,after a yr of trying to get help from government i finally got a denial letter from them a couple days agp,so now a lawyer will take the case,fpnt know what else to do i know God has got me this far,still doesnt make it any easier with the chemo ,radiation ,and circumstances one after another,and being by yourself too,thank you God Bless and God Speed ❤

Donita Harrison (4) - 06/30

Seeking employment as a Medical Administrative. Praying God will send me my Boaz (husband) and prepare me for him.

Scott (5) - 06/30

Pray that God will give me a revelation of His Grace. I am seeking remote opportunities and I need direction by the Holy Spirit regarding the right opportunity. Please pray for my lease of my apartment to go through. I need prayer for more peace in my life because I am being tested.

Jeanette (3) - 06/30

Help me to remain focus and stop underestimated myself. Allow me to step into my calling without fear !

I know it’s better for me but I keep pulling back believing I will fail remove failure and fear and replace it with faith.


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