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Latest Prayer Requests

Alex (5) - 01/12

I am asking for a prayer that my wife and I get a full time job very soon. God is still with us in this difficult time.

Alex (4) - 01/12

I am asking that my wife and I get a full time job very soon. God is still keeping us.

Jamie (5) - 01/11

I am asking for a prayer that I get a full-time job soon, Lord.

Dionna (6) - 01/11

I am asking prayer for my health. I am asking that my God restore my health 100% and guides me on how to take better care of my body in Jesus name. I am also asking that everyone in the world is healed and that anyone suffering any illness will be healed rightbnow in Jesus name.

Renee (4) - 01/10

I’d like to prayer for my 11 year old grandson Tre’. He is reaching out, says he feels like he has a hole in his heart. That he’s stupid and has been for years, which is not the case. But this distance learning is not working for him and his twin. He requested and was baptized at our church 2 years ago. He also were jr. Ushers at Faithful. Please pray for him and our family

Renee (5) - 01/10

I’d like to pray for my friend’s grand daughter Savon who is hospitalized with COVID-19.

Michael (5) - 01/10

Please pray for me as I had a couple of interviews with great organizations. I know I can contribute to the companies success. I pray for God to place me in the "right" company. I pray for GOD 's blessing. I have been out of work your a year and it's getting very difficult to continue.

Alan (5) - 01/09

I need your prayers for my cousin's husband who just recently had a major heart attack and is in critical condition. I pray for immediate healing and speedy recovery. For him to bounce back and find better ways to be healthy. Thank you for your prayers in advance. In Jesus name. Amen. Psalms: 103: 1-5

Alan (8) - 01/09

Please pray for me as I just had interview for a great company with great opportunity. I declare that God will restore all that I have lost and with more than I have ever asked. That when things impossible my man, NOTHING is possible for GOD. In Jesus name. Amen.

Jenny (6) - 01/08

Please pray for a job I just interviewed for in Lake Forest. Ask God to open doors if it is His will for me to work there. Thank you.

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